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Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to know if you need to fix or replace your muffler. Unfortunately, though, the telltale sign is a pretty annoying one.

The number one sign that your muffler needs attention is hearing loud noises when driving or idling your car. Especially when accelerating, if the muffler isn’t working properly, you’ll hear it. As its name implies, a muffler dampens (or muffles) the sound of your vehicle’s exhaust system. When a muffler is damaged or missing, you, and everyone in the neighborhood, will know.

Other Signs You Need to Replace Your Muffler

Besides loud roars and knocking sounds coming from your vehicle, there are a couple of other signs you should have your muffler looked at.

Bad Smells

If your muffler is broken, you might smell something different when your car is running. Exhaust shouldn’t smell good, but it shouldn’t smell bad either. If you smell something foul, like sulfur or rotten eggs, have your muffler inspected for damage. If it’s not dealt with, the fumes could become a hazard.

Bad Gas Mileage

Maybe your gas mileage was nothing to write home about before, but if it gets even worse, it could be due to a faulty or missing muffler. Mufflers do contribute to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, so if there’s something wrong you might notice a change. Since mufflers help filter exhaust, having a functioning one can increase your gas mileage.

Dangers of a Broken Muffler

Besides disturbing the peace every time you drive through the neighborhood, a broken muffler can present other issues of concern.

Toxic Fumes

In addition to the loud sounds and bad smells, a broken muffler can lead to a carbon monoxide (CO) leak from your vehicle. CO is one of the toxic elements that your exhaust system attempts to reduce before emitting fumes from the tailpipe. CO is a poisonous gas and can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even death. The amount emitted by your vehicle’s damaged exhaust system may not be enough to cause health concerns in one trip to and from work but, over time, it can have serious side effects.

Environmental Impact

A damaged muffler is not only a health hazard for you but the environment as a whole. Mufflers are part of a system that aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. While the muffler itself is not directly responsible for doing so, a damaged muffler can decrease the exhaust system’s efficiency overall.

Can You Fix a Broken Muffler?

Sometimes, a broken muffler can be fixed. If, however, there’s excessive rust or breaks in the muffler or exhaust pipe, it may be better to replace these parts of the exhaust system. Either way, it’s a pretty easy task that requires a few supplies and tools:

  • Vehicle Jack
  • Wrench
  • Various Ratchets
  • Lubricant

If your muffler has just come loose under your vehicle, it can be welded or clamped back into place. Doing so is imperative, otherwise, you run the risk of bottoming out and causing further damage to your dangling muffler.

Muffler repair or replacement can be done at home, but you can rely on the specialists at Master Muffler to provide expert service for your exhaust system as well. Whether you need repairs or want an upgrade to your existing system, we’ve got you covered. Located throughout the Wasatch Front, we’re here for all your Utah auto care needs.

Should I Upgrade My Muffler?

Your vehicle is probably fine with the stock muffler it has, but you can trade it out for a higher-performing model. A high-performance muffler can make your car even quieter inside the cabin, and it can help your engine work more efficiently. Even adding an exhaust or muffler pipe that’s bigger in diameter than your current one can have a positive impact on your vehicle’s performance.

If you’re not sure which type of muffler you’d like to install in your car or truck, let Master Muffler help you decide. We offer superior products from MagnaFlow Performance, Hushpower, and AP Exhaust Products, to name a few. We’ll make sure you get the sound and performance you want while adhering to any regulations for the area in which you live.

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