We’ve Changed Our Look, But Not Our Mission

There are a number of parts on a car or truck that could cause major damage if they fail, and a large number of these vital parts wear down over an extended amount of time. A good example of one of these parts is an engine timing belt. Belts become worn and cracked, and if a timing belt were to break while the vehicle was being driven, the damage could be bad enough to completely ruin an entire engine. In Utah & Idaho, car maintenance is unique based on our climate here of extreme weather conditions. Also, due to the ultra-dry climate in Utah, timing belts dry out and break. We’ll check it and advise you on repairs. Such assessments and repairs included in a routine tune up are essential for proper auto care.

Master Muffler’s History

As a family-owned business, Master Muffler originated with the intent to serve the community by offering the best in muffler care to every customer. Over the decades, Master Muffler has expanded its offering to stay current with the evolution of vehicles and their maintenance needs.

Thanks to our dedication to you and your cars, Master Muffler has become the largest auto repair and maintenance franchise in the state of Utah. Additionally, we have franchise locations in both Idaho and Oregon so we can give even more drivers the freedom of exploring where any road leads.

Master Muffler’s Future

If Master Muffler has become such a staple in so many communities, you may be wondering why we decided to rebrand. Well, as one of Utah’s most reliable, full-service auto repair providers, it was time for a visual change that illustrated our expansion beyond our expertise in mufflers.

Master Muffler’s new Master AutoTech branding demonstrates how our franchises have grown since 1963. After all these years in business, we want you to know we’re more than just mufflers! We know cars bumper-to-bumper, and rubber-to-roof. What once started as just a small, family-owned muffler repair shop has now grown to become a statewide full-service auto repair franchise that specializes in advanced engine work, performance diagnostics, electric work, emissions testing, and safety inspections, along with typical auto shop services on tires, brakes, routine maintenance, and oil changes. We’re also expanding our services to be able to better serve customers with electric vehicles.

Even with our rebrand, at Master AutoTech we still place emphasis on the people who bring their vehicles in to our technicians and mechanics. We still pledge accurate and timely repairs the first time you bring your vehicle in for servicing. Whether you’re visiting us for scheduled maintenance or unexpected car trouble, you can still say you’ve “got a guy” for that at Master AutoTech.

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