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Sometimes the “check engine” light comes on simply because the gas cap is loose. If, unfortunately, you have a more serious problem on your hands, the experts at Bountiful Master Muffler expect is caused by one of the following:

  • Bad Timing
  • Lack of Lubrication
  • Overheating

Bad Timing

Engines depend on precise timing in order to function properly. If anything is misfiring or misaligned, it can lead to engine trouble. Using the wrong fuel, incorrectly gapping spark plugs, and ill-timed combustion can all be culprits.

Lack of Lubrication

An engine is literally a well-oiled machine. Without proper lubrication in the form of motor oil, there is excessive friction in the engine. This can lead to premature wear on the moving parts, and it can lead to the next problem- overheating.


If coolant is leaking in your engine, or if oil levels are low, an engine can overheat. Overheating can cause blown head gaskets, which may mean your engine is toast. Avoid overheating problems by keeping up with regular oil changes at Master Muffler, and investigating any suspicious fluid puddles underneath your vehicle.

Common Engine Issues

Many drivers face one of three issues with an engine:

  • General Maintenance
  • Part or System Replacement
  • Blown Engine

General Maintenance

This is the preventative care offered to a vehicle’s engine. It involves keeping fluids topped off and regularly changing the oil. These expenses may feel like a nuisance, but they can save you down the road from more extensive repairs that come with heftier price tags.

Part or System Replacement

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a part or a system in the engine fails. Maybe a belt breaks, spark plugs burn out, or a reservoir cracks. The costs for these parts and the labor to replace them can add up, but you can save money doing the more simple repairs yourself.

Blown Engine

What’s considered a blown engine? This is referring to an engine with so many malfunctioning parts of systems that it needs to either be rebuilt or replaced. It might be a cracked engine block, a damaged intake system, or some other mechanical failure. 

Are Engines Worth Repairing?

You definitely need to weigh the pros and cons of repairing your vehicle’s engine vs purchasing a new vehicle. Depending on the problem in your engine, it may cost less to have it fixed than to get a new set of wheels. However, you have to factor in the expense of potentially renting a car in the meantime.

Determining if Engine Replacement is Worth It

Cost and convenience are big factors in determining if engine replacement is worth it. Here’s what the auto repair experts at Master Muffler suggest you also consider:


Is your vehicle still under warranty? If so, engine repairs or replacement may be covered. 


Look into your insurance policy to see what, if any, engine repairs are covered. It may be another way to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, including those related to renting a vehicle while yours is in the shop.


This is referring to both the parts that may be needed to fix your existing vehicle and the availability of a new (or used) vehicle. Before you decide what to do about your current car, check to see what the lead time is like for either servicing what you have or buying a replacement vehicle. Inventory for vehicles is unprecedently low thanks to COVID-19, as is inventory for replacement parts.


Have you ever looked into a remanufactured engine? Like a refurbished phone, it’s an engine that has previously been used and restored to like-new condition. In contrast with a used engine, a remanufactured engine has been inspected for quality. 

While there isn’t always a guarantee that parts meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specs, a remanufactured engine may be more reliable than a used engine plucked from a junkyard vehicle. Be sure you’re working with a trusted mechanic no matter which type of replacement you choose. A good shop should offer a certificate or warranty that all parts of the remanufactured engine meet OEM standards.

Master Muffler Bountiful does offer engine repair services, so give us a call or set up an appointment online when that pesky “check engine” illuminates.

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