Having the AC go in your car can be a real drag. AC units stop working for a variety of reasons. A Utah auto repair mechanic has the job to go through and diagnose the reason behind the problem.

AC units can break down in a variety of ways. They cannot turn on, they can blow out warm air, or they can blow out cold air and then warm air. This can be a frustrating process.

Loud compressors can be a cause for concern. If they are loud this could be an indication that there is an issue there. However, AC units are not only made up of the compressor so it may be a good idea to check out other areas of the system.

There could be a leak with the refrigerant. When there the refrigerant levels aren’t where they should be this can cause systems to stop working properly. Sometimes systems won’t even turn on because lack of lubricant and refrigerant can cause serious damage.

Utah auto repair mechanics will test for leaks. They will find the reason why the levels aren’t where they are supposed to be. Refrigerant levels need to be a certain level for the system to run safely.

If your system has the issue of being cold and then hot there could be an issue with there being too much moisture or air in the system. This can cause tubes to freeze over and then block air circulation. Utah auto repair mechanics have to pump that extra moisture and air out of the system to stop this from happening.

Another cause could be because of bad sensors or switches. For example, a bad temperature sensor would explain why the temperature is all over the place. Switches also can cause malfunctions in the system.

The systems wiring can also be the cause. Blown fuses and bad wiring issues can cause the temperature to be all over the place. Utah auto repair mechanics will test out the system for these types of problems.

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