Car maintenance helps to keep your car running smoothly. However, these maintenance checks at your local Utah auto repair shop can sometimes be hard to remember. One of those maintenance checks that are often forgotten is replacing the transmission fluid of your car.

Transmission fluid does not have to be done as often as other maintenance checks and changes. For example, your transmission fluid won’t need to be changed as often as you will need to change your oil. This can be hard for you to know when a good time is to get your transmission fluid changed.

Transmission fluid doesn’t need to be replaced as often because it doesn’t get contaminated as easily or as quickly as oil does. However, it should still be replaced periodically. The transmission fluid can still get flecks of metal and other contamination in it, even if the transmission case remains closed.

Transmission fluid should be clean because it works to lubricate the transmission. It prevents the parts in the transmission from getting too hot. Transmission fluid has a pretty big job.

When there is an issue with the transmission fluid it can affect the transmission of your car. There is a much higher chance of a failed transmission if you don’t routinely replace the transmission fluid in your car. A trip to the local Utah auto repair shop to change your transmission fluid is going to be a lot less expensive than taking it in to the Utah auto repair shop for a serious transmission problem.

Each vehicle will have different recommendations for when transmission changes should occur. You can talk to your Utah auto repair mechanic for suggestions they would have if you need a quick estimate. Another good place to look is in your owner’s manual.

There typically is a mileage limit that sets the recommended maintenance check up. Again, every vehicle will have different recommendations, but generally transmission fluid should be changed out every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Double check with your owner’s manual to see when you should do yours.

Transmission fluid helps your transmission in a lot of different ways. Replacing your transmission oil every so often can keep it working the way it needs to with the car’s transmission. Just remember that it is a lot more expensive to fix a transmission issue than just change out the transmission fluid.

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