Taking your car in to get fixed is never an exciting activity. However, the mechanic you choose can make the experience either a good one or a terrible one. Here are a few red flags that you should watch out for with Utah auto repair mechanics.

– Be careful of any mechanics whose prices are a lot more or a lot less than other mechanics in the area. The pricing should be similar to what other repair shops are charging. You know that there is something up if they are charging a drastically different amount.

– Don’t trust mechanics that insist that you keep your car there overnight. If you were able to drive your car there, the odds are you will most likely be able to make it home just fine with it. Added fees can be added for keeping the car overnight, so unless your car was towed there they shouldn’t insist that you leave the car there for them.

– Only use mechanics that give you a detailed description of what work will be done on your car. Choose a Utah auto repair shop that give you estimates with specific descriptions of what they will be doing on your car. A lot of mechanics will charge you top dollar when you do not ask for a detailed estimate, because they believe you won’t take the time to double check the work and will just pay the fee.

– Find mechanics that take you seriously as a woman. I cannot tell you how many times I have been charged wrong amounts, or treated like an infant, simply because I am a woman and they believe I know nothing about cars. I have many female friends who have had similar experiences. If you are a woman, shop around until you find a Utah auto repair shop that has a reputation for giving women fair prices.

Be careful of a Utah auto repair shop that never has customers. It is understandable that a shop can have slow days, but if you never see them working on cars or have others there you should be a little suspicious. No business is not good business.

– Be weary of mechanics that tell you auto parts can be used in more than one car. Auto parts are not meant to be interchangeable. I once had a mechanic tell me that he could use a Honda Accord part for my Honda Civic. If I had let him follow through with his work he could have cause a lot of damage to my car. If a mechanic tries to pull this on you, find someone else who knows what he’s doing.

These are a few things I have noticed in my dealings with mechanics. What are some circumstances you have run in to? Are there any other warning signs that you have noticed with your experiences?


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