It is important to keep proper care of your car. Doing so will save you thousands of dollars in car repairs and a trip down to your local Utah auto repair dealer. Remembering to take your car in for maintenance repairs can be very beneficial for your car.

But what are some things that can actually hurt your car? There are some pretty obvious things that you can do to damage you car, such as crashing it. What are some every day things that people do that can really cause harm to your car? Here are our top 5.

1. Riding your brakes when driving down a hill: A lot of people keep their foot on the brake the entire time down the hill. Doing so, however, will totally wear out your brake pads. It’s best to let up off the brake to save the pads from wearing out quickly.

2. Not changing your car’s oil: Forgetting to Change the oil does not help the life span of your car. It has been proven that frequent oil changes can actually increase your car’s performance and double the life expectancy of your car. By the time your oil light comes on it is too late. Instead, change your oil according to your car’s manual, which is usually every 5,000 miles or so.

3. Forgetting to Use the parking brake: Emergency brakes come in handy in a variety of situations. Not using a parking brake, especially on an incline, puts a lot of stress on your car and on its transmission. Use your parking brake every time you park the car.

4. Cleaning your engine: Some people want to have a clean engine to go with their clean car. However, using a high pressure water hose can cause a lot of damage to your engine and dislodge important engine components to it. If you feel that your engine is being affected by its filthiness take it in to your local Utah auto repair shop and have the mechanics check it out. Remember that a dirty engine that runs well is much better than a clean engine that does not run at all.

5. Shifting before your car stops: A lot of people make the mistake of not coming to a complete stop before they shift. This causes a lot of stress to your drive shafts. Doing this often enough with wear out your car’s transmission.

A lot of times we do these things without realizing it. Take the time to change bad habits now so you do not cause more damage to your car. Make good decisions and remember that taking care of your car is your best way to save money on major car repairs at a Utah auto repair shop.

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