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If your vehicle transmission goes out, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new used car than it is to repair it! It can be thousands of dollars and take several days to repair. It’s definitely not a motor vehicle problem you want to deal with in your lifetime! 

The best way to extend the life of your engine’s transmission is to understand what affects the healthy operation of this engine component. If you can spot the signs of your transmission going bad, you can delay or stop its exit and save yourself thousands of dollars! Here are eight signs to watch for. 

1. Shift Hesitation 

One of the earliest signs intuitive car owners will notice is a hesitation in the engine when switching gears. When you shift from reverse to drive or vice versa, it might take a moment to respond. 

You might “feel” the difference as it takes a moment to kick in as you try to shift. This is a sure sign that your transmission is having a problem, and you’ll want to seek car repair in Sandy to have it checked out. 

2. Strange Sounds 

Nobody knows the sounds of your vehicle like you do. If something doesn’t sound right to you, there’s probably something wrong. 

A faulty transmission will often make humming, buzzing, whirring, or clunking sounds either when shifting gears or when sitting in neutral or park. These noises are not just annoying—they’re a sign that your transmission needs attention soon. 

3. Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is essential for mitigating transmission trouble. It keeps your engine and gears lubricated to prevent overheating. If your transmission fluid is empty or low, it can cause friction that will wear down your transmission faster. 

When you get an oil change in Sandy, have your transmission fluid levels checked at the same time. It’s no trouble for a technician to inspect your transmission fluid just like they would your brake pads. Sandy mechanics will be able to spot the signs of a transmission fluid leak and either repair the leak or refer you to get a deeper inspection for the health of your transmission. 

4. Engine Warning Light 

Since 2012, engines are equipped with a warning light on your dashboard if there’s a problem with your transmission. The warning light should kick on at the first sign of trouble so you can make small repairs and avoid a huge expense. 

Older cars don’t have this feature, but in some cases, transmission problems can trigger the check engine light. If your check engine light comes on at any point, always have it checked out at a car repair shop in Sandy immediately as it could indicate a deeper issue. 

5. Unique Burnt Smell 

A burnt smell coming from your vehicle is never a good sign. It could mean there’s a leak somewhere in your engine, whether it’s oil or another fluid. 

Transmission fluid has a very unique odor. It will smell burnt, but there will also be a sweetness or tartness to it that distinguishes it from oil burning. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you smell it. 

The scent can also attract animals to it, which is a unique way to know you need car repair. Sandy residents are used to seeing plenty of critters in their yards, but if you notice more critters around your vehicle than usual, it could be a transmission fluid leak. 

If you smell a burning coming directly from your engine, get it checked out right away. This burning is a much bigger deal than something like getting a brake replacement in Sandy. It could mean your transmission is overheating and could do some real damage before long. 

6. Brown or Burnt Oil

You shouldn’t just rely on your oil change to keep an eye on your oil levels. A good car owner checks her oil regularly. Normal the oil level will be within the designated dipstick range. If you touch it or rub it on white tissue, good oil will appear pinkish in color. 

If it’s old or the transmission fluid is leaking into your oil pan, it will turn the oil brown and it could smell burnt. If you just had an oil change in Sandy, this brown, burnt oil is a very bad sign! 

7. Grinding or Shaking While Driving 

Transmission issues can cause uncomfortable grinding or shaking while you’re driving. This is usually the result of your vehicle struggling to switch gears, and you’ll want to get it checked out as soon as you can. 

Vehicle issues are no joke! Whether you’re in need of new brake pads in Sandy, an oil change, or something more serious like a transmission problem, you can trust us for your car repair needs! Contact us today to see how we can help! 

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