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Keeping Your Car Healthy Requires Some Work

Once a car is purchased, the new car owner drives off the lot with both a new vehicle and the responsibility to care for it. Our cars do a lot for us, but they require attention in order to demonstrate peak performance and keep us on the road for as long as we would like them to. Luckily, it isn’t too terribly hard to stay on top of it all, it just requires some diligence and general awareness. Here are some additional auto care tips and insights from your Sandy mechanics at Master Muffler.

1. Be Conscious of How You Drive

How a person drives their vehicle has a bearing on its overall health. Here are some common driving practices to avoid:

  • Punching the gas when operating at low rpm or in a high gear.
  • Shifting gears (into park, reverse, drive, etc.) without first coming to a complete stop.
  • Not letting the engine warm-up in cold weather.
  • Riding the brakes downhill.
  • Driving over bumps or potholes at high speeds.

Being more averse to these driving habits can go a long way in stretching your mileage and keeping your car running smoothly.

2. Use the Parking Brake

This component goes by two names (parking brake and emergency brake) which introduces some ambiguity with regards to its primary purpose. Although the parking brake is to be used in emergency situations where your primary brakes fail, it also has a day-to-day function: to be used each time you park. No matter what the incline or surface you are parked on when your car is put into park, it puts a load on your transmission. When the parking brake is activated, it alleviates a large amount of that burden, keeping your transmission happy. 

3. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

If you begin to realize that your car is acting differently than normal, it could mean that a problem is right around the corner. If you experience any of the following, it’s advisable to take your car in to a Utah mechanic:

  • Strange noises (humming, hissing, grinding, etc.)
  • Poor acceleration
  • Trouble starting the engine
  • Slipping transmission
  • Fluid leaks
  • Strange Smells
  • Warning lights

Don’t ignore these warning signs. What otherwise would have been a quick fix could turn into a full engine or transmission replacement. If you feel something is wrong, get it checked out.

4. Know the Basics

As far as preventive care is concerned, there are four basics every car owner should know. They are as follows: 

  • How to check your oil.
  • How to jump a vehicle.
  • How to check tire pressure.
  • How to change a tire.

Knowing these auto care basics can prove very advantageous in preventing car problems and helping get yourself out of a bind.

5. The Exterior and Interior Need Attention Too

Give your car frequent car washes. Once a week isn’t too much. This can help prevent damage to your exterior from mud, dirt, rain, and salt, ensuring that your paint job is always in good shape. In addition, maintain the interior to keep your car in good, lasting condition. Vacuum regularly and wipe dust and debris from the dashboard to prevent buildup. 

6. Be Diligent With Maintenance

This is perhaps the most important tip we can offer. Here are some specifics to keep in mind:

  • Never neglect an oil change.
  • Change transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.
  • Make sure your filters are clean.
  • Get new tires when your tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch.
  • Seek brake repair when brake pads are less than a ¼ inch thick.

Keeping up with these simple things can almost guarantee you will get good life out of your vehicle.

Sandy Auto Repair at Its Finest

When it comes to auto repair knowledge and expertise, the Utah mechanics at Master Muffler Sandy are the go-to professionals. We focus on mingling premium auto care with integrity, affordability, and friendliness. We want our customers to trust us with their vehicles and know that we will work to get them back on the road safe and sound. If you have any questions about your vehicle or need car repair and maintenance, come visit us today!


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