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Maintaining a car is a year-round routine, but checking in on the health of your vehicle is the most important when the season changes. At Master Muffler, our top priority is the health of your car, and our high-quality services are what keep our customers coming back season after season for routine maintenance. As your trusted installer of high-quality mufflers, exhausts, and full-service repairs, Master Muffler is here to offer you a new guide for go-to seasonal car tips:

1. Routine Oil Change

It’s common for drivers to think that it’s only after the spring and summer that a car’s oil should be changed. After all, warmer temperatures do tend to deplete oil levels quicker, and dry or humid conditions can leave the oil in a clumpy, useless state.

However, our team thinks it’s important to check on your oil levels and the quality of your car’s oil several times a year, even if you’re not driving daily or taking a long trip. A good rule of thumb is changing your oil semi-anually or after every 10,000 miles. If you’re not sure if you need an oil change, stop by the Downtown Ogden Master Muffler, where one of our certified technicians can help you figure out the current lifespan of your oil.

2. Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than getting into a warm or hot car, turning on your car’s AC, and being met by nothing but warm air blown into your face. That’s why it’s the perfect time to get your heating and air conditioning checked. What if your AC is working just fine, but there’s a not-so-pleasant smell when you turn up or down the heat? It’s probably time for your cabin air filters to be changed.

Changing filters isn’t just beneficial for those with sensitive noses, it’s also a great idea for those who are more inclined to seasonal allergies. Once a filter has taken on too much dust and debris, it can’t do its job properly, which may be why you’re getting the sniffles when you turn on your AC alone. We usually check on the condition of cabin air filters when we do a routine tune-up. There’s nothing quite like a cool breeze and clean smell in your car during the peak of spring and summer.

3. General Tune-Up

Most drivers aren’t entirely certain of what exactly on their car is in need of maintenance. Even those driver’s the keep their vehicle’s interior immaculate may not know if something is going wrong under the hood. We like to make sure every client leaves our shop at ease, no matter if they’re coming in for a tune-up in the dead of winter or the heat of summer. Our trained mechanics will check for problems with:

  • Ignition and Starters
  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Heat and AC
  • Car Fluid Levels
  • Leaks

We’ll also be sure to scan for default codes to make sure there’s nothing going wrong that we can’t physically see. We work hard to catch a problem before it becomes an issue, but we still recommend bringing in your vehicle for a tune-up at least once a year. It’s always best to catch a problem in an early stage to save you money and to keep you safer.

We here at Master Muffler are committed to keeping your cars on the road and their health in check. Without a car, getting back and forth to work, home, or vacation can be a real challenge. Ensuring your vehicle stays in top condition is what our experts do best. If you’d like to talk to a mechanic about preventative maintenance on your car or want to learn more about the services Master Muffler has to offer, we’d love to hear from you. Make an appointment to see what a difference a preventative car can mean for the longevity of your vehicle.


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