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Roads in some Utah cities are notorious for being riddled with potholes, especially after a harsh Utah winter. These aren’t just an inconvenience for the driver; they can also tear up your car’s shocks and struts after some time. Although your vehicle is built to within and absorb tread changes on rougher roads, it’s not immune to damage.

Eventually, you will notice the toll that rough roads and potholes have taken on your vehicle’s suspension. Is your car overly bouncy, suddenly stiff, or making strange noises even if you drive on a smooth road?

Here’s what you should be looking out for.

1. Your Car Is Bouncy

What’s supposed to happen: Your car is built to absorb most of the shock and vibrations caused by tread changes in the road like potholes, cracks, or bumps. It’s designed to keep you comfortable while driving so every journey is smooth.

What can go wrong: When your car hits a pothole or bump, it shouldn’t bounce up and down more than once or twice before settling back into place. If you find that your car is overly bouncy and uncertain when driving over rough terrain, you may need to get your suspension repaired.

2. Your Car Is Making Strange Noises

What’s supposed to happen: If your car isn’t making any noise other than engine sounds and the radio, you’re in good shape! You don’t need to worry about having any issues with your suspension as long as everything is quiet. 

What can go wrong: Sometimes, you might hear squeaking or grinding noises when you hit bumps in the road or turn corners, even if your suspension isn’t visibly damaged. Any noises like this could indicate that something is going wrong with your car’s suspension system underneath the hood. Take it in for a repair as soon as possible.

3. One Side of Your Car is Lower

What’s supposed to happen: Your car works with a center of balance. If everything is in functioning order, you shouldn’t ever notice your vehicle leaning to one side or another. Of course, there are times when your vehicle might have a slight tilt if several tires on one side of your vehicle are underinflated, but we’re talking about a severe lean.

What can go wrong: A significant tilt to one side of your vehicle might not be accompanied by squeaky noises while going over bumps or navigating rough roads. But if you’re feeling like you’re driving at a slant, physically check your car once you’re safely parked. You might notice that one side of your vehicle is mildly or significantly lower than the other. This is a clear sign of a broken spring and requires immediate replacement. Why? Once it is worn out or completely broken, your car can’t support its weight correctly anymore.

4. Feels Like You’re Driving a Rocketship?

What’s supposed to happen: Every car drives just a little bit differently. Your Grandpa’s Cadillac from the 1980s might feel like you’re sailing a boat on the road. Whereas driving a Mini Cooper can sometimes feel like driving a go-kart. However, if you’ve been driving your vehicle for some time, you’ve likely gotten used to a certain feel while driving. Unless there’s an issue with tire pressure, suspension, or something of the like, you’re unlikely to have an overly “bumpy ride”.

What can go wrong: A very typical sign of a worn-out suspension is a bumpy ride. This means whether you’re driving over a pothole-riddled road or just a street with uneven texture, your vehicle is rocking, bouncing, or tilting back and forth. If your daily drive is suddenly not normal, go see a mechanic today.

What Should You Do?

The suspension is a vital part of your vehicle that allows you to drive smoothly from Point A to Point B.  If you’re noticing the beginning signs of wear, don’t hesitate to call the team at Master Muffler Downtown SLC. Our experienced technicians are happy to look at your car’s suspension and fix any issues that may be present.

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