Cars are machines that will need maintenance work done. We do need to take care of them to avoid having to constantly take them to Utah auto repair shops for repairs. One way we can help our car is not ignoring strange noises that our car makes. Here are the top car noises you should never ignore.

Don’t ignore any squealing that your wheels make. If you hear squealing from your wheel while you are driving this often is an indication that something needs to be checked out. The noise will typically change when the speed changes.

It could be a problem with the wheel bearing or the axel bearing. Problems with the wheel bearing or axel bearing can eventually cause a lot of safety issues. Ignoring this type of noise can cause the bearings to eventually fail, which can cause you to loose control of your car because your wheels get locked up.

Don’t ignore grinding sounds when you apply your brakes. Brake noises usually sound more like scraping, groaning, or creaking. There are a few different reasons why brakes can produce a scraping or grinding noise.

Sometimes it does not necessarily mean there is a problem. Some brake pads make noises when they are damp. Other pads squeak when they are cold.

However, if you notice metallic scraping, or grinding noises when you brake, this is a good sign that your brake pads need to be replaced. You shouldn’t delay taking your car in to the Utah auto repair shop to get the brake pads fixed. Delaying your repair can eventually cause much bigger issues with your brakes.

Don’t ignore any hissing sounds that come from your engine. When you are driving, or sometimes after you drive, a hissing sound coming from your engine compartment could mean that your engine is overheating or leaking coolant. Don’t continue driving when you hear this type of noise since overheating can quickly cause a lot of damage to your engine.

Don’t ignore a tapping noise that comes from your engine. Tapping noises that come from your engine could be a sign that there is not enough oil pressure. Check that the oil is at the correct level. Loss of oil pressure for your engine can cause a lot of issues with your engine. If your oil is leaking or you don’t have enough pressure be sure to take it in to a Utah auto repair shop for repairs so it does not cause additional damage to your engine.

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