When I was little I remember people asking about automatic or manual transmission cars, but not really understanding what that meant. When I had to learn how to drive, however, all of that changed. I soon saw that there was a big difference between an automatic and a manual.

In an automatic there is no clutch pedal that you need to push down while you drift or shift gears. You also don’t have to worry about manually change gears with an automatic transmission. You simply put the transmission into drive and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Everyone has their own preferences to the type of car they want to drive. Some people prefer automatic cars because they don’t rely on having to change gears. You simply put the transmission in drive and the car takes care of the rest.

Other people prefer having a more active role in their driving. Manual cars require drivers to be involved in the experience of driving because they have to take the extra step of pushing in the clutch and accelerator to move, and knowing when they need to switch gears.

Both automatic and manual transmissions work effectively. They both perform the same function, but just do it in different ways. An automatic uses a torque converter and a manual uses a clutch.

If you want to save a trip to a Utah auto repair shop, however, it is important for manual drivers to not be too hard with their car. A clutch can easily be worn out and an engine can be damaged if the car is not shifted properly when it needs to be. Too much abuse to the car shifter and stalls to the engine can leave a hefty price tag at your Utah auto repair shop when you are through.

Similar to a manual transmission, an automatic transmission’s main job is to get the engine to operate in a certain speed range. It also allows a larger gear ratio so the car doesn’t have to stick to just one gear ratio or speed. Automatic transmission opens and closes certain sets of gears to allow the car to change gears without manually having to change them.

There is no right or wrong type of car transmission to get. Both are effective and have advantages to them. If you choose to purchase a manual car, however, be sure to treat it well and change gears when you are supposed to so you don’t have to take an unnecessary trip to the Utah auto repair shop to fix it.

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