One of the most environmentally friendly part of an internal combustion engine is the catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is a conversion unit in an engine that helps reduce the pollution of an engine by reducing the carbon in the exhaust. These units are widespread and common throughout the automobile industry throughout the entire United States. As a crucial part of the exhaust system, they are a crucial part of what we do at Master AutoTech…

How catalytic converters help the environment

One of the biggest pollutants caused by automobiles upon the environment is caused by the release of carbon into the air. A catalytic converter does this by oxidizing the pollutants that are going through the exhaust. This causes carbon monoxide (CO) in the engine to be released as carbon dioxide (CO2), which is far cleaner for the air that we breath. This simple component makes the atmosphere healthier for people, which is a huge deal in Utah, where large amounts of inversion can cause smog to take over our Wasatch Valley.

Master AutoTech is the largest catalytic converter installer in the state

We at Master AutoTech pride ourselves as being the number one installer of catalytic converters in Utah & Idaho. We are absolutely determined to making this state a little better for all of us to live in. By being the largest installer of these units, we are doing our part to making the air better to breathe for all of Utah’s And Idaho’s inhabitants. On top of this, we absolutely refuse to cut them out, which is desired by certain car owners out of a misplaced idea that it will enhance performance in their vehicle. Master AutoTech prides itself as being a company that is devoted to the environment of its state.


A high-flowing catalytic converter can increase the overall performance of your vehicle.