There are a lot of dishonest people out in the world. Utah auto repair scams are happening more and more frequently. Auto repair scams actually account for one of the top five most reported consumer complaints in the United States.

There is an estimated $20 billion spent each year because of unnecessary auto repair. There are people in the Utah auto repair industry who are good, and others who are trying to pull a lot of scams. It is important to be aware that scams are taking place so that you don’t get ripped off.

A common scam is a brake scam. It is very popular scam with the car industry. Brakes are necessary for your car to work safely, and a lot of people will take advantage of this fact. They may lie about the amount of damage done with the brakes, and they may even recommend things that are not needed. They may tell you that you need to overhaul your calipers, for example.

Overhauling, or sealing, a caliper is a good scam because the caliper seals are very inexpensive. Caliper seal kits are easy to buy and don’t require a lot of effort or money to do. They will jack up the labor cost and make a huge amount of profit.

This is a classic example of the type of scam that involves taking advantage of people with an unneeded repair service. Safety is something that is very important to people. If the repairmen talks about an additional issue with the brakes, for example, people will automatically get the repair done with out too much investigation or thought.

Overhauling calipers is a scam, in most scenarios. Calipers all need to meet certain criteria because of safety regulations. Regulations pay extra, special attention to the quality of calipers because they don’t want to be sued over brake system issues that would regularly happen.

Caliper issues do happen from time to time, even with how well they are made. For example, if your car is having an issue with a strong brake pull. Vehicles pulling strongly to the right only when you brake is an indication that your caliper is not working correctly.

However, when there is an issue with the caliper your Utah auto repair mechanic shouldn’t tell you that you need to overhaul it. Overhauling your caliper is a short-term, emergency solution. It is much, much safer to simply remove and replace the caliper instead of just re-sealing it. If the mechanic offers to overhaul your caliper it is a good indication that you are being scammed, in most cases.

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