Cars need to be taken care of. During the winter time there are certain things that need to be looked in to. For example, replacing your windshield wipers because of the added precipitation the winter months bring.

Winter time brings harsh road conditions. It is important that you make sure your car is in top shape by bringing it in to your local Utah auto repair dealer regularly. You do not want to be stranded on the side of the road in freezing weather conditions with a broken down car.

While these maintenance checks can be done by Utah auto repair technicians at certain times of the season, there are still other maintenance checks that should be done all year long. Annual maintenance checks are important for keeping your car working at its best. Here are some maintenance procedures that should be done every year, not just during the winter time.

1. Check your car battery. Don’t be plagued with a car that won’t start. Make sure that your battery is checked every year by a Utah auto repair technician. It is a good idea to have your battery cleaned every year.

2. Make sure your spark plugs work properly. Have them expected to make sure they are working great. Spark plugs can affect the reliability of your car, so it is important to make sure they are working well.

3. Get your brakes inspected at a Utah auto repair shop. Your breaks should be in top shape for the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other cars on the road. Faulty brakes are not something you want to ignore.

4. Change your oil. This is something most car owners know about, but is still important to mention. You can even check your oil in between changes.

5. Rotate the wheels of your car. Your tires will last much longer if you have someone at a Utah auto repair shop rotate them. If you do not want a popped tire while you’re driving, take proper care of your tires through out the year.


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