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Transmission issues can take a toll on your transportation abilities, finances, and ultimately—stress levels. Take your car in at the first sign of transmission trouble to reduce this toll and take back your tranquility!  A trusty auto expert can usually get you back up and running in no time through one of these 4 types of transmission repairs:

Minor Adjustments and Repairs

Minor repairs and adjustments to your transmission can often be done without removing it from your vehicle, making the process cheap and simple. If you are having problems shifting properly, this might be the kind of repair you need. 

Computer-controlled transmissions can sometimes send signals incorrectly due to a faulty sensor or connection, causing this issue. On the other hand, a non-computer-controlled transmission with the same issue may require a throttle cable adjustment or some maintenance on its modulator!

Resealing Work

Transmission leaks are important to fix in a timely manner, and many of these can be resealed from the outside. If you are noticing small puddles of red oil underneath your vehicle, this type of repair work might be exactly what you need. 

When you take it to a technician, they can easily determine if your external seals or gaskets are leaking and promptly reseal them. If your front seal needs to be replaced, though, the job will become a bit more expensive and difficult, as the transmission will need to first be removed.

Replacements on Accessible Parts

There are an array of components that can be accessed from the outside, without taking your transmission out of your vehicle. In many instances, a shop will feel uncomfortable with repairing any of these parts or providing warranties along with them since they cannot see if there are further issues on the inside. 

Keep this in mind when taking in your transmission, though an auto technician still might be able to tackle your repairs. It is best to be open to a suggested replacement, though, since unaddressed invisible issues could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Complete Overhauls 

Occasionally, your only option will be a complete overhaul of your transmission, meaning that it will need to be taken out and entirely disassembled. Inspection of each component is involved before making repairs and replacements. It will ultimately be ‘rebuilt’, necessitating that all friction surfaces, gaskets, and seals be replaced, along with the torque converter in most cases.

At times, your repairman might find that the manufacturer of your transmission has since made recommendations on how to modify it while it is being reassembled. In this case, you may need to wait for a kit to arrive from the manufacturer, which will further delay the process. Ensuring that any design defects have been sufficiently rectified will prevent problems down the road, though!

Necessary repairs that are ignored can turn into irreparable damage and call for a full replacement. To tackle transmission problems in their earliest stages and increase your prospects of smooth transportation, as well as soothe your finances and mental state, take your transmission to your trusted auto care center in a timely fashion!

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