Many people take their autos for granted. They get in the car each morning and drive to work without a second thought about the multiple functioning parts under the hood and beneath the car that allow the driver to move the vehicle from point A to point B.

But those who take their cars for granted may face an ugly surprise in the winter months, a time when hidden issues have a tendency of suddenly making themselves known. A little pre-winter checkup can help prevent a cold stay on the side of the road.

Start with some new quality windshield wipers. If a good enough snow storm starts up, and your wiper blades are faulty, you may literally be unable to see to drive. So replacing them at the beginning of winter is a great plan.

Check your tires. Winter tires for winter months are highly recommended. Standard tires just do not have the grip and water channeling capability that snow tires have in those winter weather conditions. Additionally, if your tires are on the older side, or are low on tread, the cold weather could finish them off. Changing a tire in December just isn’t the same experience as it is in June.

Antifreeze is affordable and very important for keeping the car running in the cold. Many Utah auto repair centers will check your antifreeze levels without charging you for it, if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

Check battery function. A battery that is on its way out can generally hold on longer, in the warmer months. All of a sudden, one cold day, you may go out to the work parking lot and find that your car will not start.

Going back to the windshield, as visibility is somewhat important, make sure that the washer fluid is kept at appropriate levels as well. Utah auto shops have washer fluid that helps de-ice the windshield in frosty conditions. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to have them run a basic tune-up on the car, while you’re there, to make sure your auto is ready for winter.


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