mechanic repairing engine exhaust system

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust system are critical components. You should always ensure that they are well-maintained and performing properly. Your life could be in jeopardy!

Finally, a good exhaust system will ensure that your car runs smoothly. Its primary function is to divert harmful exhaust fumes from your engine. Bad things can happen if the exhaust isn’t working properly. The engine’s condition may deteriorate. Even scarier is the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning in the passenger cabin, which can be fatal. Furthermore, an efficient exhaust system reduces emissions and can even improve fuel economy.

Symptoms of Exhaust Issues

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Lower MPGs can indicate a variety of issues, but one of the most common is that you’re spending more time at the gas pump. If there is an exhaust leak, the fumes may not be carried away, causing your engine to run at a higher temperature and reducing fuel efficiency.


Unusual vibrations from the steering wheel or gas pedal indicate an exhaust leak. If the exhaust leak is large enough, the entire vehicle may shake. These vibrations are both a safety and a car health concern because they can impair your ability to control the vehicle precisely.

Engine Noise Has Increased

If you need exhaust repair, the first thing you’ll notice is increased engine noise. The exhaust system reduces engine noise, so a leak will result in loud rumblings. The exhaust manifold and any joints along the exhaust system are likely locations for an exhaust leak. An engine leak at the manifold can significantly increase engine volume and potentially allow harmful fumes to enter the passenger cabin, putting you at risk of poisoning from the toxic fumes.

Check Engine Light

It’s a good idea to take your car to the shop whenever your check engine light comes on. There are literally hundreds of things that can cause the light to illuminate, but several of them have to do with the exhaust system and the issues it can cause.

You can detect fumes

It could be your muffler if you notice a lot of exhaust smoke coming from your tailpipe or if you smell fumes while driving. The odor of exhaust fumes differs from that of gasoline fumes. Exhaust fumes have a strong burnt odor. Be cautious: the odor you detect could be carbon monoxide escaping through holes in your muffler or exhaust pipe. If this is the case, have it checked out and repaired as soon as possible. Exhaust gases can be fatal if inhaled for an extended period of time.

The exhaust system of your vehicle is in charge of directing exhaust gasses and harmful emissions produced by the internal combustion process away from the vehicle. The exhaust manifold, absorption pipe, catalytic converter, resonator, and muffler connected to the tailpipe are all part of it. All of these components work together to keep your vehicle running smoothly and quietly.

Every day, your muffler and exhaust system are subjected to high temperatures, which can eventually cause cracks and holes in the pipes and tubing. Moisture enters the system and settles to the bottom, rusting the muffler and other system components.

It’s a good idea to have your mechanic inspect your exhaust system as part of routine car maintenance, and if you notice unusual noises and fumes, or a change in gas mileage, have a Master Muffler technician look it over. 

Instead of ordering a complete replacement, we will be able to identify what is wrong with your exhaust system. Often, simply replacing a part or component is all that is required. Our technicians understand how to properly check your system and what to look for — and catching the problem early can prevent bigger, more expensive problems later on.

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