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The health of your exhaust system, along with a working muffler and catalytic converter, are crucial to the health of your car, wallet, air quality, and passengers. To keep them performing properly and prevent harm in these areas, take your car into your trusted auto care center in a timely fashion if you notice any signs of exhaust system impairment.

Have your car checked out by an exhaust, catalytic converter, and muffler master if you notice any of the following:

  1. You Hear Strange Sounds:  If your car is ‘vrooming’ louder than usual, or you hear a sound similar to shaking coins, take it in for a diagnostic as soon as possible.
  2. Your Fuel Efficiency Has Decreased:  If you are visiting the pump more frequently, an issue with your exhaust could be to blame. Don’t ignore this, as further damage could take even more money from your pocket.
  3. Your Car is Vibrating More Than Usual:  If your car’s vibrations are more heavy than usual, a problem with your exhaust could be interfering with your vehicle’s processes—Go get it checked out!

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

A leak in your exhaust can wreak havoc on your performance, decreasing your acceleration and power. Since your exhaust stifles the sounds of internal combustion in your engine, a damaged or corroded pipe can also stop you from enjoying a smooth cruise. Ultimately, the whole system surrounding your exhaust is crucial to your engine’s capability—so take care of it!

Maximize Your Fuel Economy

A dirty exhaust can decrease the efficiency of your engine and cause it to consume more fuel. By ensuring that it is in good condition, you are helping you ensure your finances are as well. If you want to pay less at the pump—put your exhaust system in good hands!

Minimize Your Emission Output

An effective exhaust will bring down your emissions, teaming up with your catalytic converter to keep the pollution index in your city low. This is especially important in a smoggy state like Utah. Harnessing the help of an expert to keep them healthy will stop harmful gases from going into the air. A catalytic converter contributes the most in this endeavor and can be especially expensive to replace—so don’t let it go to waste!

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Build-Up

When your car’s engine combusts, it creates carbon monoxide. This is a toxic gas, and it can’t be properly converted or escape through your tailpipe if your exhaust system is feeling ill. A buildup of this substance in your passenger cabin can be fatal. Even if the CO count is low, it can still surely cause sickness. For the safety of yourself and your passengers—Please get professional help with your exhaust!

Timely care and repairs for your exhaust system, and your car in general, will allow you to pay less, perform better, and protect your air quality and passengers!

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