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Now that the snowy season is about upon us, here in Utah, it’s time to make sure our vehicles are up to the task of handling it. We all know how extreme and hazardous driving in a Utah can be, especially with the mounting amounts of traffic that we have had growing over the years, in this state. For this reason, there are several important things that you should do to get your vehicle ready for the colder months, such as get an oil change to winter-ready oil. However, the number one thing to do is make the switch to winter tires, which is the best thing you can do to improve safety in winter driving. Here are some reasons why this is so important to do…

Winter tires have better traction in the elements

First of all, winter tires are designed and built to have stopping power in the snow. When it is wet and freezing outside, your regular tires that you use during the rest of the year easily slip and slide, and it is very easy to lose control of your vehicle, which is why a majority of accidents happen in the winter time. Winter tires, on the other hand, give you much better control of your vehicle on snow and ice.

Winter tires are built for the temperature

As the temperatures drop, rubber naturally begins to harden and become less pliable, which is one reason why it loses traction. The primary reason that winter tires that are designed for these elements are able to maintain control is that they are made of a special composite rubber that doesn’t harden in cold temperatures, which means that it continues to have a little bit of give, which makes stopping on slick, cold surfaces a lot easier.

Winter tires will last longer in the snow

The crazy shifts in temperature that we experience during a Utah winter can be destructive and hard on a lot of our property, but especially on our car tires. When the temperatures drop to freezing and then begin to warm back up again, it can cause tears and cracks in the rubber, which increases the likelihood of a blown tire. However, the materials on a set of winter tires were meant to withstand these conditions, and will last a lot longer, thus saving you money.

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