We all know that it is important to have our wheels aligned. But why should we get them aligned? What does bad tire alignment do to our cars and tires?

The tires of our cars have a close relationship with each other, the vehicle, and with the road. When they are aligned they are all aimed straight ahead. This allows the tires to be perpendicular to the road, which allows them to drive the safest.

The reason why they work best aligned straight ahead is because the tires will have the least amount of friction against the road. They won’t get as easily worn, and they will have much better traction and control on the road. It also provides the least amount of resistance while driving.

When your tires are not aligned it affects the entire car. There are three basic alignment angles that professional Utah auto repair professionals will watch out for when looking at your car. These are toe, camber, and caster alignment angles.

Toe alignment: For your wheels to be theoretically aligned you want them to have zero toe. Basically, it means that the front wheels are aimed straight ahead when looking down on the car from up above. This is the most important type of alignment angle, since this can cause a lot of wear and tear on your tires if it is not aligned correctly.

Camber alignment: Camber alignment also should be at zero camber when the wheels are properly aligned. When you are checking on the camber alignment you are looking at how straight the wheels are aligned from the front or rear of the car. If the wheels are tilted too far inward they have a negative camber, and if they are tilted outward they have a positive camber.

Caster alignment: The caster alignment is aligned from the side of the car. The front wheels are the only ones that steer, so they are the ones that are looked at with caster alignment. Tires that have a negative or positive tilt don’t affect the wear and tear of the wheels much, but they do effect steering.

Utah auto repair professionals are trained to know specifics with these types of alignments. The best way to tell whether your wheels are aligned or not is to take them in to your Utah auto repair shop and have them check it out for you. Aligning your car every year, or when you replace your tires, is a good recommendation to follow.

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