A fresh quart of oil is poured into a car engine, elegantly.

Keeping a vehicle on the road should always be one of its owner’s top priorities. This is why we strive so hard to keep our cars in the best of health that they can possibly be. One of the most important elements of doing this is keeping the engine strong and functioning properly, especially since replacing or repairing an engine can sometimes be more expensive than just purchasing a whole new car. So how do we keep an engine safe without expending a ton of time and effort? The answer is simple. Engine lubrication is one of the best things that one can do to ensure that that the rev of their engine stays loud and powerful for a long time, keeping the spirit of America’s open roads alive and well. Here’s a few reasons why engine lubrication is so important…

What lubrication does

The physics of lubrication are what makes it so important. Typically, an engine is comprised of a large multitude of sliding parts that come together to create life for a vehicle. However, the high speeds that these parts are moving and sliding amongst each other creates an incredible amount of friction, which can generate intense levels of heat. These temperatures can actually get to the point that the metal parts of an engine will begin to mold and fuse together, which will destroy the entire engine, if left unattended. Lubrication is able to prevent this from happening altogether, as it eliminates the friction between the moving pieces.

Prolongs engine life

If you weren’t able to put this together from the previous paragraph, that’s ok, we’ll outline it here. Lubricating your engine is able to extend its lifespan, considerably. By making sure that all of the moving parts of a functioning engine are able to move without glitches or intense heat will keep each part healthy. The problem with an unlubricated engine is that, once one piece begins to have trouble, it will cause systematic problems throughout the rest of the engine. This is because an engine is like a single organism, and every major organ inside of it needs to function for it to stay alive. Engine lubrication will prevent fatigue and wear-and-tear.

Saves money

Not only will having proper engine lubrication keep your car running for longer, it will actually be a generous gift to your wallet, one that keeps giving over time, even if you can’t see it. The first reason is that it will extend the time in between when you need to purchase a new vehicle, or repair the one you currently have. On top of that, having a healthy engine will mean that you can get a lot more money out of selling the vehicle you currently have. And as we’ve laid out, the best and simplest way to help ensure that is to routinely make sure that your engine is properly lubricated.


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