It is important to be able to see where you are going as you drive down the road. Winter storm conditions can reduce our visibility dramatically. We need to make sure our windshield wipers give us the best visibility possible.

One problem with wiper blades in the winter is when snow and ice clog the blade. Some blades use a protective rubber boot to prevent this clogging. There rubber is designed to stay flexible so it will conform to the shape of your windshield for optimum results.

Another problem with wipers in the winter is when they freeze to your windshield. Sometimes it is hard to break them free, and you have to get out and chip away at the ice encasing them. This can be a common problem in many areas.

One company has come up with a solution: heated wiper blades. The heat is activated through the wiring and switch provided. It hooks into your vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system.

These heated wipers melt the snow and ice, ensuring maximum winter visibility. They are made from in improved silicone rubber that maximizes their efficiency. This also prolongs their lifespan, so they will usually last longer than a year.

Naturally, heated wiper blades will cost considerably more than regular wipers. Depending on where you live, you may think it’s worth the cost. Utah auto repair facilities can help you find and install either kind of wiper.

It is recommended that you replace regular windshield wipers about every six months or so. Some extended wear wipers need replacing annually.  No matter what kind of wiper you choose, make sure to replace it to keep your visibility at it’s best.

When looking for replacement wipers, the folks at Utah auto repair stores can help. Some wipers are easier to change than others. If you experience trouble with yours, Utah auto repair technicians are there to help.

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