Your transmission is what keeps your car moving forward as powerfully and fuel-efficiently as possible— In simple terms, it accomplishes this by carrying engine power to your axle whilst changing gears to suit your current speed.

If your transmission shows signs of damage, you will likely need to pay a hefty bill before you can get back out on the road. The amount it will cost you to repair your transmission isn’t set in stone, though— There are multiple variables at play.

Whether you are in need of a fluid change, transmission flush, rebuild, or full replacement, the following factors will make a big difference as to how much money you will have to fork out in the process:

Constant Variables: Your Vehicle’s… 

  • Make & Model

The price of transmission parts varies by vehicle. As a result, repairs in luxury models usually reflect their immoderate value while standard models cost significantly less. Similarly, transmission components for domestic cars tend to be more affordable than imported ones.

  • Age & Rarity

It can be difficult to find parts for older vehicles, as well as those that were produced in limited quantities. In the end, you may end up spending more time and money to fix up a transmission in an old relic or rare ride than a more modern or standard model.

  • Transmission Type

Automatic transmissions are inherently more complex than manual ones. If you put in the extra work by driving a stick, your transmission will show you its appreciation when it comes time for repairs. These perform more simple tasks, requiring fewer parts and replacements. 

Variables in Your Control: Transmission Repair Costs Vary Based On…

  • Your Maintenance Habits

When you keep up with routine maintenance on your ride, its transmission will stay in better condition. Not only will this help to prevent problems from coming your way, but your transmission components will be able to handle them better when they do.

  • The Degree of Damage

Repair expenses differ significantly based on the severity of damage done— If small issues have a chance to spread, your transmission will likely cost a lot more to fix. Costly repairs and full replacements can typically be avoided if you take your car to a trusted mechanic at the first sign of trouble. 

Signs that issues might be brewing inside your transmission include:

  • A burning smell from your transmission fluid
  • Loud humming, whining, or clunking sounds
  • Unusual sensations while switching gears
  • Slipping into neutral or between gears while driving
  • Delayed gear changes resulting in high RPMs 


  • Your Chosen Auto Shop

Auto shops can charge vastly different amounts for the same repairs. While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, cutting corners can lead to more expensive fixes in the future. If there is any area of auto care to do your due diligence in, it’s transmission repairs and replacements.

If your transmission needs some TLC, it is important to seek out experts with an eye for detail. At Master Muffler Brigham City in Utah, our technicians are experienced and thorough in transmission work, earning us a reputation for superior transmission repairs and other auto care services.


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