Utah auto repair technicians are trained and can accomplish a variety of car services. One of these services is touching up the paint on your car. Utah auto repair shops are a wonderful place to get your vehicle fixed at.

Technicians there can touch up the paint of your car in different ways. If you find your car needs a paint job, try your local Utah auto repair shop. Below are just a few ways that technicians can touch up your car’s paint.

Technicians are usually able to fix small paint chips with touch-up paint and a very small brush. There are even small paint spray that is for small jobs that you can buy at most Utah auto repair body supply shops. Minor scrapes are relatively easy to fix.

Spray guns are what is usually used for larger paint jobs. It allows them to do an even paint job. They spray paint through an airbrush or spray gun to get more coverage of your car.

There usually is a code on a tag on your vehicle, or a decal somewhere inconspicuous. The code has an exact car color, which the technician uses when painting your car. That code allows the technician to have an exact color match to your car.

It is important to not have any car wax or dirt on your car. The first step they take with repainting your car is to clean it. Then they do a wet-sand to your car to help the new paint stick to your car.

A primer will stick to the bare metal surface of your car. A primer is put on after the sanding is finished. After all of this, then the paint is applied using the methods mentioned above.

Once the paint is on, a clear coat is the last step to seal the new paint of the car. The fresh paint is able to chemically and physically bond to the paint that is already on the car which makes it blend well. The process is an easy one, and all you have to do is take it to your local Utah auto repair shop to get it fixed.

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