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Vehicle tune-ups are an important part of keeping your car running smoothly. But what exactly does a tune-up entail? Murray Master Muffler has all the details of what’s involved in a tune up, such as what the mechanic is looking for and what it costs.

How Often Does Your Vehicle Need a Tune-Up

Preventative inspection and maintenance services should be regularly performed on your vehicle to keep it running properly. The frequency of tune-ups will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as your driving style. For example, many newer vehicles can go up to 100,000 miles between tune-ups, while older vehicles may need one every 30,000 miles. 

Signs You Need a Tune-Up

If you’re unsure of when your vehicle is due for a tune-up, there are several signs to look out for. For instance, if your vehicle is experiencing a decrease in fuel economy, that’s usually a sign that it’s time for a tune-up. Your vehicle may also be due for a tune-up if the engine is making strange noises or if the vehicle is hard to start.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to take your vehicle in for a tune-up as soon as possible. The sooner you get the problem fixed, the less chance there is of permanent and most costly damage being done to your vehicle.

Do Manufacturers Require Tune-Ups for the Warranty?

Most vehicle manufacturers require tune-ups at specific mileage intervals in order to maintain the vehicle warranty. So if you’re due for a tune-up, be sure to take your vehicle to an authorized dealership or repair shop so as not to void any warranties.

Is a Tune-Up the Same as a Registration Inspection?

In some states, vehicle registration inspections are also known as tune-ups. But regardless of what they’re called, these two services are not the same. A tune-up is a preventative maintenance service that’s performed on your vehicle to keep it running properly, while a vehicle registration inspection is a state-mandated safety inspection that’s required in order to renew your vehicle registration. 


So if you’re due for a tune-up or vehicle registration inspection, be sure to take your vehicle to the appropriate service provider so you can keep your car running smoothly and stay legal on the road.

What a Mechanic Looks for During a Tune-Up 

During a vehicle tune-up, the mechanic will check various systems and parts of your vehicle to ensure they are in good working condition. This includes checking the engine oil level and quality, as well as the air filter. They will also inspect the spark plugs and wires to see if they need to be replaced. In addition, the mechanic will check the fuel system, emissions control system, and the battery.

Additionally, the mechanic will typically check the following:

  • Ignition system
  • Tire alignment

When performed regularly, you can usually get a complete tune-up in an hour or less. This makes it convenient to schedule them on a lunch break or between your other errands.

Common Issues Found During a Vehicle Tune-Up

One of the most common issues found during a vehicle tune-up is worn spark plugs. If your vehicle’s spark plugs are worn, it can cause the engine to misfire, which can lead to decreased fuel economy and increased emissions. Another common issue is low engine oil levels. This can cause engine damage if not addressed quickly.

Other issues that may be found during a vehicle tune-up include:

  • Worn or damaged drive belts
  • Leaking fluids
  • Low tire pressure
  • Faulty lights

It’s good to catch these problems early, as it makes your vehicle safer to drive and prepares it to pass any upcoming inspections you might have for renewing your registration.

Tune Up Cost

The cost of a vehicle tune-up will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, most tune-ups range from $50 to $150.  Be sure to ask the mechanic for an estimate before they start any work so you’re not surprised by the final bill.


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To schedule a once-over of your vehicle, contact Master Muffler of Murray today. We’ll take a look at all your vehicle’s systems to ensure you’re ready to hit the road.

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