Whether you’ve had the opportunity to buy your dream car or are praying that your clunker will last through school, it is important to all car buyers that the life of your vehicle is long and healthy. Here are a few tips to making sure that you car is still running throughout the years.


One of the best ways to have a car that lasts is to buy a reliable car. Not all manufacturers, makes, and models are the same, so make sure that you do your homework before purchasing any vehicle. If you are buying a used car, it’s also wise to get reports, such as a CarFax report, before you buy so that you can check and see what type of history the car has had. With just a little bit of research, you can safe yourself the hassle (and expense) of buying a lemon.


When you buy a car (both used and new) from a dealer, a warranty is usually offered. Often, there is also the opportunity to upgrade to an extended warranty. Look into the details and cost of both types of warranties (standard and extended) to see if you think the investment is worth it in comparison to the potential risk.


Just like with the human body, the best way to keep your vehicle in shape is to do preventative care. By listening to your manufacturer recommendations and having routine work done on your car on a regular basis, you can significantly increase the life of your car. By taking your car into your local auto repair shop for this work, you can also make sure that your mechanic spots any warning signs at an early stage. Fixing problems when they are small – or simply doing the work to avoid certain problems altogether – can save you from having to make large, expensive repairs in the future. Preventative care includes checking and replacing your fluids, having your engine tuned, and replacing your belts.

Slow down

The faster your drive, the harder your engine has to work. It also decreases your gas mileage and, in the case of speed bumps and potholes, can lead to serious damage. According to the US Department of Energy, people who regularly drive at 70 mph instead of 50 mph have a 80% increase in their repair bills. If you want your car to last you through the years, make an effort to slow down your speed when you drive.


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