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It’s always a good idea to be proactive when it comes to auto repair. That way, you can catch small problems before they turn into big ones. Here are some warning signs that your car is about to break down. Keep an eye out for these signals, and if you notice any of them, take your car in for preventative maintenance as soon as possible!

Key Signs of a Breakdown

Engine Noises

One of the most common warning signs that your car is about to break down is strange noises coming from the engine. If you hear clicking, knocking, or grinding when you start up your car, it’s time to take it in for a check-up. These sounds could indicate that there are problems with your engine bearings or connecting rods.

Exhaust Smoke or Leaks

Another sign that your car needs auto repair is exhaust smoke or leaks. If you notice either of these, it’s important to take your car in for service right away. Exhaust leaks can be dangerous because they can allow carbon monoxide to enter the cabin of your car. And, if your car is emitting blue or black smoke from the exhaust, it could be a sign of engine oil burning.

Check Engine Light

If the check engine light on your dash comes on, it’s time to take your car in for auto repair. The check engine light can indicate a variety of different problems, so it’s important to have a mechanic take a look.


If your car starts to overheat, it’s definitely time for auto repair. Overheating can damage your engine, so it’s important to take your car in as soon as possible if you notice this problem.

Preventative Maintenance

Of course, the best way to avoid a breakdown is to do preventative maintenance on your car. There are a few things you can do on your own, like checking the oil level and tire pressure regularly. But, most of these are auto repair services that should be done by a professional mechanic.

Maintenance Checklist

  • Check the oil level and tire pressure regularly.
  • Take your car in for an oil change every 3000-5000 miles.
  • Have your car’s brakes checked regularly.
  • Take your car in for a tune up as recommended by the manufacturer’s schedule.
  • Check all fluid levels monthly, including engine coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.
  • Inspect your vehicle’s hoses and belts regularly for cracks or wear and tear.
  • Have your car’s battery tested yearly to make sure it is still working properly.
  • Replace your car’s air filter as needed. (Check your owner’s manual to see how often this should be done.)
  • Rotate your car’s tires every 5000-8000 miles.
  • Clean the interior of your car regularly. (This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing.)

What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down

If your car breaks down, don’t panic. First, try to assess the situation and see if you can identify the problem. If you can’t, then call a tow truck or roadside assistance. They will be able to help you get your car to a mechanic.

If your car breaks down while you’re on the road, try to move it off to the side of the road so that you’re not blocking traffic. And, if you have to get out of your car, be sure to turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers will see you.

If you’re stranded in a dangerous or remote location, stay with your car until help arrives. Do not try to walk for help.

And, of course, if you have any auto repair needs, be sure to bring your car to Master Muffler Provo! We can help you with preventative maintenance, oil changes, tune-ups, and more. We’re here to help keep your car running smoothly!


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