It seems like nowadays for every good Utah auto repair mechanic there are ten horrible car mechanics to take their place. It can be hard to know which Utah auto repair mechanics to choose, and to tell the good mechanics from the bad mechanics. Because of this we have added a few warning signs you should look out for with bad car mechanics are opposed to good ones.

They tell you that something needs to be replaced that does not actually need replacing. A lot of mechanics that use dishonest tactics do this, especially during slower months. If you went in to get your brake pads changed and you are told that you should replace your tires too, ask them specific questions and perhaps get a second opinion to make sure that your tires really do need to be replaced.

They did not notice a major car problem. Some car problems can be impossible to detect, especially when problems with the car come and go at will. However, major car issues should not be looked over, such as engine problems or brake problems.

They tell you that they will need to keep your car overnight. There may be hidden fees involved with holding your car overnight. Most mechanics realize that unless your car was towed there it can be driven back the next day.

They did not do a their job properly. If a Utah auto repair mechanic messes up by not tightening a bolt correctly, or if they do not place the pads on the right way, steer clear. You are paying them a lot of money to not make these types of mistakes.

They tell you one price when you drop off the car, but charges you a different one when you pick up the car. Bad mechanics use this dishonest tactic to get the most money possible.

They do not offer a warranty. Steer clear of mechanics who do not stand behind their work. If a mechanic does not offer a warranty of their services it is because they themselves do not trust it.

They use pressure tactics. Bad mechanics will try to pressure you in to having more work done than you need. A lot of bad mechanics will scare you in to fixing minor repairs right then, instead of telling you that you have a little bit of time before the repair needs to be made.

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