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Magnaflow Muffler & Exhausts

Magnaflow Commercial with Mario Andretti. Magnaflow Exhaust and Mufflers offer a deep low sound that allows one to hear the horsepower from an engine. Magnaflow Performance offers some of the best performance exhaust and mufflers for domestics and imports.

Magnaflow Performace Exhausts offer additional power and performance to a cars engine. In addtion, it gives the best exhaust sound whether it is for an import, domestic, Hot Rod, Truck, or Diesel. Get more out of an engine with Maganflow Performance Exhausts.

Magnaflow Mufflers and Exhaust offers three tye of exhausts. The 60 series for an economical set up to improve gas milage, the 50 series to improve power for towing, to the extreme 40 series to get the most out of a car. Magnaflow has the set up for any applications.

Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers use “Gen II Delta Flow” technology. This performance muffler gives both a perfect strong sound and the performance from an engine one expects.

With a Flowmaster Performance Exhaust system,the exhaust on a vehicle hasan OEM fit but with more power and more torque. With large free flowing pipes Flowmaster gets more power out of any engine.

Walker Exhaust Systems are made with precision to fit any vehicle like it is from the showroom floor. In addition to after market exhausts, Walker makes exhausts for car manufactures all over the world. Because they are international, a Walker Exhaust System can fit any car whether it is domestic or an import.