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Car Care Tip #1: Fluids

Car Care Tip #2: Pre-Vacation Checklist

Car Care Tip #2: Pre-Vacation Checklist

Car Care Tip #2: Pre-Vacation Checklist

Car Care Tip #2: Pre-Vacation Checklist

Car Care Tip #3: Dashboard Lights

Car Care Tip #4: Summer Car Care

Car Tips

Car Tip #1: Automobile engine belts and hoses are often overlooked but if they fail it can cost more money to repair than had you replaced them after 50,000 miles. Check your engines belts and hoses periodically for cracks or breaks to avoid more costly repairs.

Car Tip #2: If your brake warning light comes on there could be a number of causes, from low brake fluid to even brake failure. Don’t ignore the warning light and take it to a professional to check your vehicle in order to find the solution to the problem.

Car Tip #3: If you hear a high pitched sound from one of your vehicles wheels, it could be your brake indicator telling you your brake pads are almost worn out. Come to Master AutoTech for us to check your brakes for free.

Car Tip #4: Regular vehicle maintenance costs less than occasional vehicle repair. Your owner’s manual will give you the correct specifications on which areas of your car need to be maintained and how often.

Car Tip #5: If your vehicle is boucing or rolling when you drive it is most likely your shocks or struts. Have your vehicle’s shocks and struts repaired so the ride is like new again.

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Don’t put off regular maintenance, thinking that you are going to save money. Regular maintenance can actually save you money by avoiding major repairs in the future. Call Master AutoTech today and schedule a tune-up or just a routine maintenance check.

For honest and fair auto-repair visit Master AutoTech, Utah’s Leader in Mufflers, Brakes, Tune-ups and Auto Repair. Master AutoTech makes sure you get the best service at the best price so that you can get back on the road. Visit or call any of Master AutoTech 15 locations from Layton to Provo.

You can increase your vehicles miles per gallon and get more power by visiting one of Master AutoTech’s locations. Master AutoTech installs more mufflers in the state of Utah than anyone else helping their customers improve gas mileage and power by as much as 30%.

Master AutoTech can improve gas mileage and increase power by 30% while decreasing under hood temperatures and emissions. By having Master AutoTech replace your stock exhaust system you can improve the manufactures design and get more out of your car or truck.

If you own a car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorhome Master AutoTech can improve your gas mileage and power sometimes up to 30%. The bigger the vehicle and the harder you work them, the more reason to improve them. Visit one of Master AutoTech’s locations from Brigham City to Spanish Fork.

Master AutoTech knows how expensive it can be for Auto-Repair. That is why Master AutoTech strives to get you back on the road the same day while giving you the best service at the best price. You can get quality service and the personal attention you deserve at Master AutoTech for all your auto-repair and maintenance needs.