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Of course, we all know that our cars would simply be unable to drive without adequately working tires. But, although we think the services themselves are crucial, we also believe our client’s understanding of why both services are vital is essential.

Now that we’ve been over the importance of tire alignment and the signs that it’s time for a service, it’s time to talk about tire rotation. 

Let’s Talk Tire Rotation

Unlike tire alignment, which focuses on the position of your tire alignment, tire rotation is about the wear. A rotation is a process of changing the placement of your tires and acts to prolong their life. A Master Muffler mechanic will routinely reposition the tires, switching from front to back, diagonally, or left to right.

Like having your oil changed, having your tires rotated is crucial for vehicle maintenance. No matter how great of a driver you may be, tires tend to wear at different rates of speed. In addition, wear time can depend on your typical daily driving route, where your car is located when it’s parked, and even how often you tow heavy items. 

  • Master Muffler Car Fact: Front tires can carry up to 60% of a vehicle’s weight.

Signs It’s Time for a Tire Rotation

It’s easy to confuse a tire alignment and rotation when you’re not a mechanic, but there is a big difference between the two services. As we’ve said above, tire rotation is to prolong the life of your tires, keeping them from uneven wear. Here are some clear signs that it’s time for a tire rotation.

  • Vibrations while driving – vibrations while driving can mean several different issues. But if the vibrations are happening while driving and not just while you’re braking, it’s likely because of uneven wear on your tires. If you’ve noticed unusual shaking, take your car in to get looked at by a certified mechanic.
  • Quickly losing air pressure – It’s not uncommon for small leaks in our tires to go unnoticed. If you notice that one or more tires are losing air pressure quickly or often, you should have all tires checked. It’s important to note that the tire losing air isn’t synonymous with uneven wear. The issue could be a side wall leak or puncture.
  • Tire tread abnormalities – As mentioned before, the front tires of your car carry a significant amount of weight. Because of that, front tires tend to wear down quicker than back tires. Once your front tires begin to show more wear than the back tires, it’s time to rotate those tires to the back.

What If I Don’t Rotate My Tires?

As much as we can hope that drivers will rotate their tires promptly, sometimes they don’t. Without regular tire rotations, tires can wear unevenly, leading to rough and unstable driving. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just lead to costly tire replacement, but it can cause safety issues while driving, like the following:

  • Hydroplaning in poor weather – The grooves of your tire tread are meant to help your tires move with ease over water and snow. That tread allows debris, slush, and water to channel through and away from the road. When tire tread is smoothed and worn down, the grip they have on the road is lessened. Without that tread, tires more easily slide across the top of water and slush, leading to handling issues.
  • Tire blowout – Tires go through a tremendous amount of pressure. Due to a lack of rotation, one or more tires can experience a higher level of wear or be under excessive strain. As tire material thins out, the chance of a puncture or total blowout becomes greater, especially at high speeds.

We’ll Rotate Your Tires.

If you’re seeing uneven wear in your tire treads, it’s time for a replacement or rotation! Contact us at Master Muffler Orem today to start tire maintenance. We’ll make sure both the alignment and tread of your tires are correct so you can stay safer out on the road.

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