Eugene Houdry invented the catalytic muffler in 1962, today a standard part of all American cars. The muffler is designed to not only reduce the noise of the engine, but to reduce back pressure as well. A good muffler can thus improve engine performance.

In addition, Eugene Houdry’s goal was met when he managed to make his catalytic converter reduce carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons. Mufflers help reduce the carbon footprint of automobiles on the road, as heavy as it already is.

There are different types of mufflers to meet different needs or wants, in relation to sound and performance, for cars. One is a bullet muffler, a small muffler that makes them useful for cars with low clearance. It is also one that some owners like because it allows more flow and more of the engine sound to come through. Many consumers, however, prefer not to have so much noise when they drive.

Louvered bullet mufflers reduce the flow of engine noise with the use of louvers that trap some of the sound. Perforated bullet mufflers have a section that is perforated to allow sound waves to disperse, although it is not very effective in reducing engine noise.

Chambered mufflers, unlike louvered mufflers, do not require any fiberglass for sound reduction. Instead, the muffler is bent into sound blocking chambers. Crimps in the metal are noticeable on the outside of the muffler.

Finally, Flowmaster case mufflers are a brand of full case mufflers. Single chambered full case mufflers have a chamber with baffles that wraps around the outside of the muffler. The dual chambered versions are divided, inside, into two sections, connected on each end. These mufflers are more effective in reducing sound, than the bullet varieties, but still allow for proper engine performance.

Today one of the leading manufacturers of mufflers is MagnaFlow. They use a monolithic honeycomb and high-quality design to reduce vehicle noise and help the vehicle run smoother. Learn more about the mufflers available by MagnaFlow here.

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