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Your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for giving you a smooth, quiet ride. It affects your vehicle’s overall handling and safety. When any one part fails to perform at its best, you’ll likely notice a difference– each pothole will feel more noticeable, and you may hear strange sounds as you motor down the road. At Master AutoTech Twin Falls, we specialize in providing comprehensive suspension system diagnostics, repairs, and replacements.

Reliable Suspension System Repairs

You can always count on Master AutoTech in Twin Falls for reliable suspension system repairs. If you’re not sure what the problem is, we’ll do our best to diagnose the symptoms and pinpoint the issue.

Is Your Ride Uncomfortable?

Shocks and strut performance is our specialty.

Parts of the Suspension System

There are several integral parts of the suspension system. While many of them perform similar functions, each is unique and necessary. Learn more about the components of your vehicle’s suspension system below:


The main role of shocks to prevent a vehicle from bouncing after hitting a bump or pothole. They’re also a structural part of your vehicle.


These components absorb shock and vibrations from the road, providing stability and control.


Springs support the weight of the vehicle and absorb energy from bumps and potholes.


Bushings act as cushions between suspension components, reducing noise and vibration.

Ball Joints

Ball joints allow for smooth movement of the suspension components. They’re comparable to hip joints in that they provide motility and stability.

Control Arms

Control arms connect the suspension components to the vehicle’s frame, providing stability and alignment.

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Are Suspension Checks Important?

At Master AutoTech Twin Falls, we’re firm believers that preventative inspections and maintenance are important. They can help you catch small problems before they become bigger, more expensive ones. You should have your suspension inspected at least every 50,000 miles or annually, whichever comes first.

However, if your vehicle has been in an accident or you regularly engage in off-roading or towing, your suspension should be inspected sooner.

Signs of Suspension System Issues

The simple act of driving can impact your suspension system, but what are the signs that it’s time for some repairs or replacements? You’ll probably notice one or all of the following if your shocks, struts, or springs are worn out.

  • Bumpy or rough ride
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle swaying or leaning to one side
  • Difficulty steering or maintaining alignment
  • Noises such as clunking, rattling, or squeaking
  • Leaking fluid from shocks or struts

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Trust Master AutoTech Twin Falls for Your Suspension System Needs:

At Master AutoTech Twin Falls, our ASE-certified technicians have the experience and expertise to handle all your suspension system concerns. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and high-quality parts to ensure accurate repairs and lasting results.

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Routine suspension inspection should be conducted annually, or whenever you notice changes in your vehicle’s handling and comfort. Make it a part of your regular, routine maintenance such as getting your filters replaced, fluids topped off, or tires rotated. Visit Master AutoTech Twin Falls by scheduling an appointment below.

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