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1. It Needs It 

Whether your car is just off the lot or you’ve had it for years, parts of your car will accrue wear and tear. That’s just the reality of driving. At Paul’s Auto Repair you can bring your car old, new, used, or totaled, and at the end of the tune-up, that car is going to be good as new eve if it already is. 

2. Regular Maintenance is Responsible and Keeps You Safe

There are of course safety inspections required for all vehicles on the road. It can feel like a hassle just going through the same process every year to make sure your car is roadworthy but imagine if it didn’t pass the test. That’s an even bigger headache. You’ll pass inspections with flying colors and peace of mind after a tune-up at Paul’s Auto Repair. 

3. The More You know

You may end up finding a problem that you didn’t know was there. It could be minor and the automotive technician could tell you that your air filters need to be replaced. But the last thing you want is to go on a long road trip without getting your car inspected first and find yourself in the middle of nowhere with an engine problem. Or a tire blowout, dead battery, or your car just won’t start. The easy solution for peace of mind is to get a tune-up so you don’t have to be calling the tow company when a little tune-up could have prevented it. 

4. Happy Car, Happy You

Doesn’t knowing that your car is in working condition make you feel satisfied? Leaving Paul’s Auto Repair in Jerome Idaho, you want to be sure your car is in top-notch condition and you sure will with the pros that work in this shop. 

5. Building A Relationship

Having a regular shop you take your car to can be crucial to its longevity. Just like how you don’t want to be hopping between different doctors every time you need a checkup, explaining the same basics over and over again, having an experienced team that knows your car saves a lot of the hassle that comes with going to a new shop. Whether it’s your first time in or you’ve been a regular for a while, it always helps to bring your car in for a tune-up with people that know your car and know you. Come into Paul’s Auto Repair and leave your worries at the door. 

Here is what you can expect from a Master Muffler tuneup:

  • Change the Spark Plugs
  • Change the Fuel Filter
  • Replace the Distributor Cap (if needed)
  • Check spark plug wires (replace if needed)
  • Check the belts (replace if needed)
  • Check the battery
  • Check oxygen sensors (replace if needed)
  • Replace the air filter (if needed)
  • Replace the PCV valve (if needed)
  • Change the distributor rotor (older model vehicles)
  • Check the Coil or Coil packs (replace if needed)


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