Automotive AC Repair From Master AutoTech Tooele

Our team at Master AutoTech knows how imperative it is to have reliable, cold AC blasting from your car’s vents during Utah’s hot summers. That’s why we take great care to offer trustworthy, professional auto air conditioning repairs.

Each of our technicians and mechanics has the education and experience necessary to efficiently diagnose and repair your vehicle’s AC issues.

Time to Cool Down

Keep your car cool and comfortable to drive. Master AutoTech Tooele’s expert mechanics can ensure your car’s AC is running smoothly.

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AC Services at Master AutoTech

Have a problem with your car’s AC? Turn to Master AutoTech Tooele for solutions.

AC Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Our Tooele technicians can run diagnostics on your AC to figure out what the problem is and offer possible solutions.

AC Repair and Replacement

Whether it’s a single part of the entire system that’s damaged or faulty, Tooele Master AutoTech can administer AC repairs or replacements to keep you cool. We have the know-how to address your compressor, condenser, evaporator, belts, or other components that need attention.

AC Recharge and Refrigerant Top-Off

Sometimes the AC isn’t working well because it needs a recharge. Other times, it’s due to low refrigerant levels. If either of these is the case, our technicians can recharge your AC and top off the refrigerant.

Electrical Repairs

Is your AC not working due to an electrical problem? Let us look at the wiring, switches, or relays that keep your system running. If a replacement or repair is required, we’ll take care of it.

Air Conditioning Warning Signs

Sometimes your AC offers warning signs that it’s going bad. Look for the following symptoms of a faulty air conditioner:

  • Air isn’t cool
  • Airflow is weak
  • Vents emanate weird smells
  • Weird noises when the AC is running
  • Excessive condensation in the vehicle

Don’t give up on your AC if you notice the warning signs! Bring your vehicle into Master AutoTech Tooele so you can take advantage of our diagnostic and repair services.

Close up image of vents in a car

Parts of Your Vehicle’s AC Unit


This is one of the most critical parts of the car’s AC system. The compressor is responsible for pressuring refrigerant so it can flow through the entire system. It relies on the power of a serpentine belt.


After pressurization, the refrigerant enters the condenser. Here, the refrigerant changes from gas to liquid. The process creates a lot of heat, so the condenser also removes excessive heat from the system.


The refrigerant needs to be filtered to prevent damage to the AC system. The receiver-drier component removes impurities from the refrigerant so as not to cause problems down the line.

Thermal Expansion Valve OR Orifice Tube

Next, the refrigerant takes a journey to the thermal expansion valve OR the orifice tube. Whichever device is used in your system, its goal is to monitor refrigerant flow and reduce pressure. As the refrigerant reverts to a gas, this is a crucial step in the process.


Finally, liquid refrigerant is expanded and pushed through the evaporator to provide you with cool air coming from the dashboard vents. The evaporator resembles a radiator, as it has fins, pipes, and a blower fan to propel the cool air.

Testing a vehicle's air conditioning system

Why Choose Tooele Master AutoTech for AC Services

Professional, Experienced Technicians

The team at Tooels Master AutoTech is highly skilled and ready to address any AC repair issues. They’re informed and experienced with the latest in air conditioning for vehicles.

Reliable and Trusted Parts

The parts and materials used in all our repair work are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certified. This means we never sacrifice quality for convenience when installing replacement parts in your AC.

State-of-the-Art Service Bays

All of our service bays have the diagnostics tools necessary to get to the root of any problem. We have the equipment and tools necessary to take care of repairs or install replacements.

Hear from Our Customers

Our satisfied customers speak to our commitment to excellence. See these testimonials from our valued clients:

“Outstanding Service!!! This was my first time taking a car to Master Autotech, and i can safely say that I’ve found my new shop. I tried getting my clutch replaced at a couple other shops first, but they didn’t seem to want the job. (They were) super easy to work with right away, and they made room for my car immediately. I got my new clutch, as well as a couple of other things that I’ve wanted done for a while. I will definitely be going back!”

~ Gregor Dzierzon

“I am so excited to see an amazing business like this in Tooele. It’s a refreshing change of pace for sure!

“5 ⭐️’s all day long!!!”

~Kristen Johnson

“These guys are incredible! My car sat for two years without running. I was expecting to spend a pretty penny. However, these guys got me back in my car for far below what I thought!! Not only that, but they got my car back to me in literally 24 hours. An oil change and a battery was all that was needed. These guys could’ve been dishonest and charged me for all kinds of things. But they have proven themselves to be honest and professional. Thank you so much Master Auto Tech!!!”

~ coral laroc

“Jason, Heather, and the whole crew took a deep dive into my old Bronco and found the solution that NO ONE else could. I couldn’t be happier. I drive 45min one-way to bring my vehicles to this shop. Price and service are second to none.”

~ Daniel Frederick

“I won’t take my car anywhere else. I’m always treated fair, kept in the loop and never have to worry about the quality of work. This is a top notch establishment. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.”

~ Shawn Woods
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