Unfortunately, many drivers in the state of Utah forget about maintaining proper tire pressure. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that many more are not aware of the changes in tire pressure that take place with the change of seasons.

In the Utah winters, the air can become very cold. In those chilly winter months, the air in the tires will, in essence, shrink. Chilling air reduces its volume. That is why you see so many squishy tires in the winter, as compared with the summer.

Being attentive to the tire pressure on your vehicle can save you 2% in fuel efficiency and 20% more tire life. That translates to a lot of dollars over time. So, now may be the best time to pull out that owner’s manual and read what the recommendation is for tire pressure on your vehicle.

This recommended psi (pounds per square inch) can also be found on the driver’s door or door jamb. As October rolls into Utah, each 10 degrees the air cools reduces the psi in your tires by one. Then, in November and December, as the weather gets even colder, the air pressure will decrease again.

It is recommended that at least once per month, you get out and check the pressure in each of your tires and adjust the pressure accordingly. Keeping a tire gauge in your vehicle is a convenient way to do this. So, the next time you see an air pump at a gas station, you can pull out your gauge and get your tires in shape for the month.


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