Fixing up major auto repairs can really take a bite out of your car fund. You can save yourself money later on by making an effort to regularly service your car. The better you are at getting maintenance work done while it is in good, working order – the better chance you have of avoiding expensive auto repairs.

Here are a few of our recommendations on services you should do regularly to save yourself from having to deal with major auto repairs later on. All prices listed below are all average costs. It is important to contact with your local Utah auto repair shop to get actual price quotes.

1. Transmission Flush – One of the most expensive things done to a car is replacing its transmission. Try to avoid this situation by changing your transmission oil regularly. A transmission flush usually costs around $100, but a new transmission will cost you $2000 – $4000.

2. Fuel Injection Service – This service keeps your fuel injectors working their best. It helps to prevent the fuel injectors from having to be replaced. Clean them for $65, instead of worrying about replacing them later on for more than $500.

3. Power Steering Service – The power steering oil should be checked any time there is a whining noise. Be sure to replace the steering oil every 30,000 miles. It costs $80 for this service, while power steering repair will cost you over $300.

4. Oil Change – This may seem obvious, but it is important to add it regardless. Oil keeps your engine in good, working order. Be sure to check your oil every 3,000 miles. Utah auto repair shops can easily change your car’s oil for $30 or less, while replacing your car’s engine will probably be more than $5000 in repair costs.

It is important to replace the oil to keep your engine in working order. Change the oil every 3,000 miles. Utah auto repair shops can easily repair oil for $30 or less, while engine repairs can be more than $5000.

5. Air Filter Service – The air filter service replaces the air filter. You should replace the filter every 15,000 miles to keep the air clean for your car’s engine combustion. This service is only $15, and will help your gas mileage stay constant.

6. Coolant Flush – A coolant flush is another good service that will help keep your radiator from having to be replaced. A coolant flush keeps your engine cool and keeps your PH levels and freeze points of your coolant system working adequately. A flush is normally $80, thought a car radiator will cost you more than $600.


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