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In a world of uncertainty, there are only a handful of things that can be counted on completely; car repairs are among them. When it comes to car repairs, the expertise of technicians like those at the Sandy Master Muffler can keep a vehicle going longer without a problem.

Common Car Problems

Preventative measures can only work for so long, however, as we live in this world of entropy. Eventually, death will come, and then we have numerous systems and institutions in place to help us deal with funerals and interment. Such is the case for our vehicles when they suffer breakdowns and shot components — we take them to the professionals at Master Muffler’s Sandy car repair center to help us get our lives back up and going. 

Despite all the ways a car can fall into disrepair — the average vehicle has over 10,000 moving parts, after all — most professional technicians report close to the same list of top five issues that cause drivers to bring in their cars. Below is a list of those five, so that drivers everywhere can keep an eye on, and even prevent, them from happening in their own cars.

Dead Battery

A dead battery is the most common way to get nowhere quickly. Nothing bursts the bubble of wanderlust — or even just the positive feelings of being about one’s business — like getting in the car, turning the key, and not getting any type of feedback besides the clicking of the engine trying to turn over. With car batteries, it’s important to remember: 

  • They generally last 50,000 miles or three years.
  • Troublesome components include the alternator, charging system, and battery temperature sensor. 
  • Don’t leave the key in the ignition or any lights on.

Flat Tires

The image of a neglected car in the driveway, under a tarp with a couple of flats, is practically iconic at this point, as a part of American life. Flat tires never come at a convenient time but if a person isn’t in the position to replace all four of them right when they pop, then that car is getting the tarp. Getting a flat while driving can be a scary experience as well, so there is certainly an element of danger in every flat tire.

  • Wear and tear can lead to flat tires as much as a foreign object causing a puncture.
  • Check the treads often (don’t forget the penny test) and have the tires rotated by a car repair shop regularly.

Squeaking Brakes

Due to the nature of how brakes work — hydraulic clamps press pads down on the tire wells, using friction to slow the car to a stop — the brake pads will eventually wear down until there is metal grinding against metal. This can cause a squealing sound that if ignored could permanently damage your car; luckily, the sound is annoying enough that ignoring it altogether would be pretty difficult. 

  • Some cars wear down their brake pads faster than others. While this is true simply because of rates of speed and frequency of pumping the brakes, it can also be due to manufacturer defects. If you find yourself replacing the brake pads often, it might be worth asking about those defects at our Sandy car repair center.

Shaking Steering Wheel

There’s no better way to trick your FitBit into thinking you’ve climbed 200 flights of stairs in a day — simply drive a car with a shaking steering wheel. This is usually caused by some sort of misalignment between the wheels or a wearing down of the suspension. The professionals at Master Muffler will be able to suss out the issue quickly.

Oil Needs to be Changed

Most people use an oil change as a great reminder that it’s time to go to the Sandy Master Muffler and get any car repairs resolved. Unless the driver is paying attention to the numbers on the sticker on their windshield detailing when to come in next, the oil light coming on might tip people off that it’s time to see about getting the oil serviced. 

  • Old oil can literally gum up the works of your vehicle, causing blockages in the oil filter and no longer giving the engine enough lubrication to perform its tasks properly. 
  • If you notice your car leaking oil, it could be due to degraded seals or a loose oil pan plug. Make sure to bring your car into Master Muffler immediately if this is happening. 
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