Cars being made on an assembly line.

A National Pastime

If you were put on the spot to name as many car manufacturers as possible, you would likely do pretty well. After all, you see cars every day and have likely owned a few of your own, as well. Like American football or baseball, cars are a pastime for this country; many would even prefer to go to a car show than a game any day of the week. 

We’ve written before about the most trusted automotive brands in America — those companies that we trust to handle everything from our motor oil to our windshield wipers with care and a high degree of quality. Today, we want to focus on the brands that are under the microscope with even more scrutiny; they whom we look to for innovations in performance, comfort, and technology: car manufacturers. 

A Global Competition

In America, we may be brand-loyal, individually, but as a nation, we are almost certainly brand-agnostic. As long as the car is made well and looks beautiful, we wouldn’t care if it came from Japan, France, or Fiji, let alone without our own borders. This has created a worldwide competition to catch as many American eyes as possible. This has also created a standard on our Master Muffler mechanics to be able to service any make and model, from any manufacturer, that’s out driving on the road today.

Below is a list of the most in-demand brands in the country today. They arrive from all over the world and cater to all sorts of drivers. You will likely be unsurprised at a few of them since they are literally everywhere all over our Utah roads.

#1 — Toyota

No matter which year you’re looking at, or which criteria you’re measuring by, Toyota remains the king of the American roadway. It has dominated sales almost unchallenged for decades (apart from the curveball that COVID-19 threw at the automotive industry, allowing Ford to briefly claim the top spot in 2020).

Toyota’s most popular cars include:

  • RAV4
  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • Highlander
  • Tacoma

#2 — Honda

The Japanese continue to hold strong in America with the famous family-run Honda empire of automobiles. Since 1959, Honda has been offering stiff competition to international auto manufacturers for American dollars and has largely succeeded. And with their reputation for sturdy craftsmanship, a regular tune-up from our Pocatello car repair center can make a Honda last well over 200,000 miles.

Honda’s most popular cars include:

  • CR-V
  • Civic
  • Accord
  • Pilot
  • Odyssey

#3 — Chevrolet

As far as American-made cars are concerned, Chevys pose the biggest threat to the Japanese domination of the market. The flagship of the General Motors family, Chevrolet has outsold even Toyota in some consecutive months and consistently for some car types. Chevy trucks, for instance, are by far the most popular in America.

The most popular Chevrolet cars include:


  • Silverado
  • Equinox
  • Malibu
  • Cruze
  • Traverse

#4 — Ford

The granddaddy of all cars, Ford is often considered the prototype of the modern automotive vehicle. Not only did the Model-T transform how people thought about locomotion — as affordable, easily-obtainable, and easy to perform car repairs — but Henry Ford improved on the Oldsmobile assembly line to create the modern manufacturing market that we know today (one that arguably wouldn’t be improved upon again until Toyota’s production system).

The most popular Ford cars include:

  • F-150
  • Escort
  • Focus
  • Mustang
  • Taurus

#5 — Jeep

Known for being an adventure on four wheels, Jeeps are famous all over the world for their safari-inspired designs that take convertibles to a whole new level. While the other manufacturers all have variations of their popular brands that have improved suspension for off-road driving, Jeeps were created from the outset to be the outdoorsman’s first choice.

The most popular Jeep cars include:

  • Grand Cherokee
  • Wrangler
  • Renegade
  • Compass 

No matter which type of vehicle you’re into, whether it be from a foreign or domestic manufacturer, the car repair team at our Pocatello Master Muffler can ensure that it remains roadworthy all year long. If you are worried that something may be wrong, or it’s simply time to bring it in for an inspection, drop by our garage today.

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