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Some aspects of our lives and the collective reality that we’re all sharing are as close to a safe bet as we can ever know; things such as the laws of physics, death and taxes, the responsibility that accompanies great power, and lucrative shoe deals in the NBA — each one more reliable than the last.

Car repairs fall into that rarefied group as well, for as sure as the sun rises and sets you will need to visit a technician to maintain your vehicle, eventually. In fact, there are even a few common repairs that enjoy a higher percentage of occurrence more than all the others, guaranteeing that when you do finally stop by our South Orem car repair center it will be for one of these issues. 

Master Muffler’s Most Wanted

Your car is an incredible jumble of components and systems, all working in harmony to see that you get to the store, the office, and back home again all as quickly and efficiently as possible. Naturally, with so many moving parts and a reliance on synchronicity, if one system fails it can have catastrophic consequences for the neighboring components that rely on it.

For example:

  • A dead battery keeps all other parts from moving.
  • A broken spark plug affects not only the engine but the emissions system, the brakes, and everything else.
  • A worn-out serpentine belt will keep the alternator, the power steering, and the air conditioning from working.

This is why bringing your car into our South Orem technicians for a tune-up is so wise: we can catch the dominoes that are teetering on the edge before they knock down the entire set. Below are a few of the most common car repairs that bring drivers in to see us at Master Muffler.

Oil and Oil Filter Change

Perhaps you remember the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, who needed oil in order to move his joints after they had locked up. Motor oil is used for a similar purpose, ensuring that the many moving parts of the engine can fulfill their jobs smoothly. 

Because his fluid interacts directly with these crucial components, it is vital that the oil remain free of debris that could get ground up in the gears and damage the engine. This is the job of the oil filter.

Both the filter and the oil need to be changed regularly — about every 3,000 miles or so. If ignored, the integrity of the oil could get compromised:

  • Particulates would strain through the dirty filter instead of being captured by it.
  • Dirty oil becomes sludge-like and can gum up or hurt delicate engine parts.
  • The car will begin to make unusual sounds and a burning smell might start coming from under the hood due to the friction of components grinding on each other.

Tire Replacement

The literal rubber that meets the road, your car could be the finest-running machine on the road and it would mean nothing without a good set of wheels. Tires can be very expensive and must often be bought in groups of four, which makes an unexpected tire replacement grounds for a very bad day.

The best way to deal with flat tires is to keep tabs on their performance and integrity long before they pop. 

  • Check the tread depth with a penny. If you put Mr. Lincoln head-first into the tread and can still see the top of his crown, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Pay attention to how old your tires are. Most manufacturers recommend replacing tires after 10 years.
  • Cracks in the rubber are a sign of structural damage. Don’t let them get worse!

Catalytic Converter Replacement

These incredible machines are one of the most important components of the emissions system of your vehicle, as they ensure that your exhaust isn’t full of pollutants. Through the use of chemically-treated honeycombs that bond harmful particles with elements that make them safer, the catalytic converter makes sure your car isn’t hurting the environment.

An important part like this isn’t just an important part of your emissions but is required by law. Our South Orem car repair specialists will check on its integrity every time you come in to update your safety and emissions testing.

Car Repairs For Any Problem

While oil changes and catalytic converters are some of the most common car repairs we tackle at Master Muffler, we also tend to all the problems we only mentioned briefly — problems such as:

  • Battery replacement
  • Belt replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Mufflers and exhaust systems

Drop by our South Orem car repair center today and we will get your car back out on the road in optimum condition, quickly and efficiently.

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