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Car trouble is not fun, but at some point or another, we’ve all experienced it. Here is a quick list of the most common car repairs we see in West Jordan. You’ve probably gone through many of these, but with a little bit of routine maintenance, almost all of these are avoidable or possible to stretch.

Oil Change

Cars have to get their oil changed 3-4 times a year, depending on how many miles you put on your car. It’s no wonder this is a common repair. Regular oil changes are important because the oil lubricates your engine. You want smooth, clean oil in there and you definitely do not want to overflow or dry out your engine. Keep your oil changed often.

Battery Replacement

Many of us have had a battery die on us. It’s quite an inconvenience. The best thing is that you can get some of your money back on your battery, depending on when and where you bought it and you’re not out too much money to replace it. The bad part is that you’re often stranded until someone comes to get you to the auto parts store. Lots of batteries get replaced every year. It’s a good idea to clean off any residual on your battery with a toothbrush from time to time.


Alignment is different than balance and rotation. The balance and rotation make sure that the tires are wearing evenly, while the alignment keeps the tires driving in the same direction at the same degree and angle. This can only be performed with special tools and machines that a mechanic carries. Not regularly aligning your tires will result in wear and tear on your tires, the potential impact on the body and framework of the car, lower gas mileage, and ultimately, more money.

Balance and Rotation

Shifting the position of your tires regularly helps the tires to wear evenly. As a result of doing this, you extend the life of your tires. It helps alleviate some of the pressure on the tires doing the work and helps distribute the work on the pavement. Like alignment, you’ll also get better gas mileage.


Everyone needs brakes. While it’s pretty easy to seek out a set of brake pads, this simple task protects your life, others on the road, and protects the rotors on your car from getting damaged. Get your brake pads changed regularly and when needed.


These spike the most as seasons change or before peak vacation times. Everyone wants to be ready for those summer vacations in the family van across the country or before winter to avoid being stranded in the cold. However you calendar these check-ups, they’re important. Just like you get an annual check-up at the doctor’s office, your car needs one too. This helps keep your car in great condition and can also identify problems.

Loose Fuel Cap

This can create a loss of efficiency with your fuel. Your check engine light will most definitely turn on, and you may potentially smell gas in your car. This repair is pretty simple. Check to see that the fuel cap is actually sealing correctly. If it’s not, you can purchase a new fuel cap and toss the old one out.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

This one is easy to spot. The oxygen sensor’s job is to monitor oxygen flow to and from the catalytic converter. Carbon and other filth can get stuck in there and start causing issues like a jerky acceleration or a bad smell. You may have to flush the fuel system with a cleaner. This happens more often than not.

Spark Plug Replacement

These break down over time and have to be placed. This is a really common home-mechanic job; however, any mechanic around town would be able to do it for you. Changing out old spark plugs is important because this impacts your vehicle’s gas mileage. It can also melt your catalytic converter, which means more money and more problems for your car. Change these out as needed.

Each of these problems can be addressed at a one-stop-shop like Master Muffler West Jordan. Master Muffler has been doing car repairs in West Jordan for many years and provides expertise, skill, and precision. If you’re looking to find a trusted mechanic, please contact us today!

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