Evolution of the automobile

When we consider the history of cars and where we are today, so much has transpired. From the first steam-powered vehicle to the dynamic fleet of cars that have changed the world of transportation, it can be said that large leaps have been made, and we’ve all benefited from these leaps.  More than likely, we have all traveled to school on a bus, taken a taxi from the airport, owned a car, or gotten a ride from a friend.  We are a part of this history.  But let’s travel back in time a bit.

A Few Pioneer Vehicles

  • 1672- Steam Machine of Verbeist by Ferdinand Verbeist of the Jesuit mission in China
  • 1801- Puffing Devil (road locomotive) by Richard Trevithick
  • 1807- First internal combustion engine by Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland
  • 1886- Benz Patent-Motorwagen by Karl Benz 
  • 1908- Model T by Ford Motor Company

As time goes on, we start to see recognizable names like Henry Ford, The Studebaker Automobile Company, Rudolf Diesel, Toyota Motor Corporation, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Honda, General Motors, etc.  What’s exciting to see is that as you study the history of the automobile industry, it seems to be self-perpetuating.  You witness a few individuals that took a chance and dared to dream of creating a running motor.  You see them connect the dots and then, you see the development increasingly improve.  We go from steam-powered locomotives to combustion engines to eventually very complicated, multiple-cylinder engines, as well as fully electric cars.

There’s a story behind each car.  You see the manufacturing take off through time, as the demand for production increased.  You also note the patent strategy behind each design.  You further have to consider that the development of these inventions over time had to survive the history of the world.  The Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and other economic hardships put a great strain on these companies to survive.  Many of them didn’t.

Today, cars are rated for different classes.  Fuel technology, lighting, safety, body style, environment friendliness, and cost.  Each motor company pushes for something different.  Perhaps one is designed to be lightweight while still employing power and seating 8 people.  Another gets great gas mileage and is safe for the environment.  There are electric cars, hybrid cars, and fuel-efficient cars.  As far as safety goes, maybe you guessed it, the Toyota Camry has been rated as the safest car in 2020.  

A Wealth of Options

Really, the relevance of any of these cars and classes is up to the buyer.  What is in it for you?  What do you like?  Are you looking for speed or a stealth body style?  Do you need to run kids to and from soccer, along with gear and groceries?  Are you driving through snow or extreme weather conditions?  Do you want to belong to an auto club, where you guys cruise each week and show up for car shows or races?  

The beauty in all of it is that there is something for everyone.  While someone may dream of rebuilding a 1970 Chevelle Super Sport, another may dream of owning a candy apple red or royal blue 1956 Ford truck.  Neither of these vehicles gets great gas mileage, but one provides vintage muscle and speed, while the other leaks class and nostalgia.  

The Need Repair and Maintenance is Ongoing

Whatever the vehicle you choose to drive or strive to own one day, let Master Muffler take care of you.  While the cars have evolved over time, one thing has remained constant.  That is that vehicles need regular and routine maintenance.  Master Muffler employs the finest Utah mechanics that can provide it all, i.e., tire balance and rotation, oil changes to brake service, muffler repair, engine work and more.  They are a one-stop-shop.  They have the experience and track record to prove their superior work and employ integrity in each of their jobs.  Stop in today or set up an appointment.  They promise not to let you down.

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