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There’s something special about heading out on the open road, driving towards your destination and the adventure that awaits. Whatever the event that spurs on this journey, our vehicles’ reliability is measured in large part according to their fuel economy and how long we can travel before needing to refill the tank. This is called “fuel economy.”

At the West Valley Master Muffler, we know a thing or two about fuel economy, exhaust, and the overall emissions systems of your cars and trucks. The general fuel efficiency of a vehicle is measured, in large part, against three all-important criteria:

  • Aerodynamics: The ultimate enemy of fuel economy is drag, or how the car is slowed by the pull of outside air, or inertia. You’ve likely seen the scenario in car commercials of a vehicle in a wind tunnel, a jet of air bending over the windshield and hood. This jet stream is showing how the car’s shape can cut through the weight and volume of air in order to produce less drag.

Now that we understand what contributes to good fuel economy, we can have a better appreciation for the following cars that rank highest for efficiency in the 2021 lineup.

The 2021 All-Stars

As the year draws to a close, we can look back at the cars that attained peak efficiency this year. Not only did these vehicles save money at the gas station but their superior fuel systems meant fewer trips to Master Muffler for car repairs.


Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

In today’s competitive market, hybrids have carved themselves out a nice niche as the premier vehicles for fuel-efficiency. In a class with plenty of stand-outs, the Ioniq stands out as one of the best.

  • 59 miles per gallon
  • Average price $28,000

2021 Toyota Prius Prime

A hybrid built for families, this car has a spacious interior and the full range of digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple CarPlay. It also sports a 7-inch touchscreen display (with options for 11.3 inches). Forward collision and pedestrian detection included.

  • 54 miles per gallon
  • Average price $28,000

2021 Honda Insight

An evolution of the two-seater Insight from years prior, this is Honda’s best hybrid vehicle. Full of driver-assisting technology and big enough for 5 people, the Insight is one of the best compact cars money can buy.

  • 52 miles per gallon
  • Average price $26,000


2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid

Sporting a substantial 68.7 cubic feet of trunk space, the CR-V is big enough to handle any adventure you’ve got planned. Its drivetrain is especially well-suited for tight turns and it has very responsive brakes. This car’s performance will keep car repairs to a minimum.

  • 38 miles per gallon
  • Average price $31,000

Ford Escape Hybrid

This plug-in hybrid SUV is the cream of the crop. Thanks to its 2.4 litre I-4 engine, as well as its electric motor, the Escape manages an insanely high fuel economy. Currently, this car is front-wheel drive only.

  • 102 miles per gallon-equivalent
  • Average price $38,000

Toyota RAV4 Prime

With a slightly larger engine than the Escape, the RAV4 is a truly impressive machine. At 42 miles on a full electric charge, this SUV has one of the longest EV ranges today. 

  • 94 miles per gallon-equivalent
  • Average price $35,000


2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab

One of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market today and one of the most popular. This truck’s engines range from a turbo 4-cylinder to a 6-cylinder diesel and a V8. It also has an impressive towing capacity of nearly 12,000 lbs.

  • 24 miles per gallon
  • Average price $42,000

2021 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

A truck as spacious as it is luxurious, the Ram is one of the most in-demand vehicles on the market today. Built for off-road work, with 702 horsepower and improved suspension, this truck will be able to haul whatever you want, wherever you want.

  • 23 miles per gallon
  • Average price $43,000

2021 Ford Ranger SuperCrew

With a respectable 7,500-lbs tow rating and best-in-class payload, this Ford is preferred by working-types everywhere. Available in AWD or RWD variants, with state-of-the-art onboard entertainment options, this truck has been compared to other trucks in its class as the leader of them all.

  • 23 miles per gallon
  • Average price $35,000

Once you get the best car for you, you’ll need to make sure that it stays roadworthy. That’s where our West Valley car repair center comes in. We can ensure that your emissions remain clean and your fuel economy remains high. Drop by today for any tune-up or repair needs you may have. 

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