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More Problems, More Money

Life is all about compromises. Newlyweds might decide that Thanksgiving is for one family, while Christmas is for the other, or senators might have to scratch each other’s back in order to get a bill passed. 

A car is like one giant compromise on four wheels. In exchange for the autonomy to go wherever we please, whenever we please, we promise to attend to the car’s needs when they arise. We agree to these terms because we value not being stuck somewhere, waiting on someone else. But we also become very aware of the monetary value of these issues and how they stack up. In essence, more problems equal more money.

Car Repair Regulars

There is a consolation in all of this, however. Having a great car repair team like the one at Riverton Master Muffler means that these maintenance trips are done quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effectively as possible. In fact, after hundreds of thousands of jobs over the years, across all our locations, we are pretty familiar with the issues that bring people and their cars to our garage.

Below is a list of the 10 most common problems facing drivers on a daily basis. You’ll be happy to know that we service each one of them.

#1 — Oil and Oil Filter Change

Likely the number one reason people bring their vehicles to our Riverton car repair shop. Changing the motor oil frequently is essential to the healthy performance of your car. It keeps your engine parts spinning easily, while the filter strains the oil of tiny particles like rocks and dirt that could harm the machine’s components.

  • It is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 miles.
  • If ignored, the oil will grow old and tar-like, clogging the filter and making it hard for the parts to move.
  • Pay attention to your car’s dashboard lights or any leaking oil as signs of a problem.

#2 — Shaking Steering Wheel

Unnatural feedback from the steering column is usually a sign of misaligned wheels or a wearing down of any one of the components of your suspension. Because your steering wheel is how you send signals down the driveshaft to your axles and ultimately, the tires, a shaking steering wheel requires a car repair expert to get under the vehicle and take a look at the various systems connected to it.

#3 — Filter Replacement

We’ve already spoken about the oil filter but that’s not the only filter to be aware of in your vehicle. In fact, there are three additional filters in your car, all performing the same function albeit in different areas.

  • Air filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Fuel filter

Two of these filters — the air and cabin filters — strain particles from the air, while the fuel (and oil) filter removes debris from your car’s fluids. While the cabin filter makes sure that the air we’re breathing in the car is safe, the air filter cleans the air that mixes with the fuel in the engine. The fuel filter, on the other hand, performs the same task on the other end, ensuring the gas in the mixture is clean. 

#4 — Squeaking Brakes

Your car’s brakes work by a combination of hydraulics and friction. Pressing the brake pedal sends fluid down a set of tubes to put pressure on clamps. These clamps then press rubber pads down on the tire wells, using friction to slow the car to a stop. Eventually, the brake pads will wear down until there is metal grinding against metal. This is the origin of the squealing sound you are hearing every time you press down on the pedal. If ignored, it could permanently damage your car.

  • Thanks to different rates of speed and how frequently we pump the brakes, some cars wear down their brake pads faster than others. It can also be due to manufacturer defects. If you find yourself replacing the brake pads often, it might be worth asking about those defects at our Riverton car repair center.

#5 — Flat, Leaking, or Bald Tires

Much like your brake pads, which are designed to wear down over time, your tires are made of rubber and exist in a state of constant friction with the road; eventually, they will need replacing. 

It’s not just the road itself that the tires have to deal with:

  • Temperature changes can shrink the tires and cause leakages from the seals
  • Debris on the road can puncture the tires, causing a flat
  • The friction is constantly wearing down the treads, making them bald (and slippery)

Knowing all of this, it is good to plan ahead to buy replacement tires. Our Riverton team can also check on the integrity of your tires while servicing other parts, and will let you know when you should start thinking about getting new ones. Installing seasonal tires for the summer or winter is a good way of making sure your tires last longer.

#6 — Catalytic Converter Replacement

One of the most common parts to repair is also one of the most essential. The catalytic converter works much like the fuel filter, only farther down the line in the emissions system. As the polluted emissions are expelled from the car, the converter creates an ionic change, turning carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, all so that fewer harmful substances make it back into the ozone. The catalytic converter is directly tested as part of your annual emissions test so as to extend your vehicle’s registration.  

#7 — HVAC Troubles

Your car’s heating and cooling systems work much the same as your home’s. A compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator work in tandem with your vehicle’s refrigerant in order to heat and cool the air that gets blown into the cabin. 

Everyone who has suffered through a broken HVAC system, especially when temperatures outside are extreme, understands why it’s important to get this fixed as quickly as possible. Our Master Muffler car repair team can help.

#8 — Dead Battery

A dead battery is the best way to get nowhere quickly. As so many parts in the car rely on electricity to run properly, it’s no surprise that replacing the battery would rank high in auto repair visits. With car batteries, it’s important to remember: 

  • They generally last 50,000 miles or three years.
  • Most often, the broken components include the alternator, charging system, and/or the battery temperature sensor. 

Preserving your battery’s life is simple: don’t leave the key in the ignition or any lights on without the engine running.

#9 — Engine Service

The beating heart of your vehicle, the engine is the catalyst for all the other operations the car performs. The best way to take care of your engine is to heed the other items on this list, including having your filters changed, your oil topped off, and your battery working properly. It’s also crucial to bring your car into our Riverton car repair center at least once a year to check on your engine’s performance.

#10 — Mufflers and Exhaust 

Our namesake and our specialty, mufflers, and the exhaust system represent the peak of our car repair abilities. Not only are we the best at making sure that your car is performing well and driving quietly but our proprietary muffler replacements are the best in the business. Thanks to the great rapport we have with our customers and the exceptional service our technicians provide, our reputation has brought many people with muffler troubles into our shop.

If you are having trouble with anything we’ve listed above, please consider bringing your car in for an inspection today. We’ll get you straightened up in no time. 

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