Emissions Testing in Orem South, Utah

At Master AutoTech Orem South we have you covered when it comes to emissions compliance. How your vehicle performs is important to us, and our mechanics have the know-how to service all makes and models. We not only want you to enjoy your vehicle but to approach regular emissions testing with confidence.

Our diagnostic capabilities ensure we can identify a problem and take the appropriate steps to fix it, whether it’s engine repair, exhaust repair, or a routine oil change.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Clean!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently, contributing to better performance, mileage, and cleaner air.

Emissions Testing

Local regulations vary when it comes to emissions testing but in Utah County, any vehicle less than six years old is required to pass every two years. If your vehicle is older than that, you’ll need to have an annual emissions test.

Why Emissions Testing Matters

Environmental Standards:

It’s the law in Utah to pass an emissions test before hitting the road.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:

An eco-friendly vehicle can reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Reduce Pollution:

Emissions regulations were enacted in the 1970s to reduce smog and air pollution in cities.

Save on Fuel Costs:

When your engine is running smoothly and your exhaust system is fully functional, you save on fuel costs because you get the best mileage possible from your vehicle.

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Common Emissions Repairs

Need new spark plugs? Have a clogged air filter? Is your check engine light on? We can take care of all that and more. Many problems can cause you to fail emissions testing, and we can diagnose and repair them for you.

Common Emissions-related Repairs:

  • Catalytic converters
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Exhaust system components

Environmental Responsibility

Hate the smog that settles in the valley throughout the year? Following environmental regulations for vehicles is one way to be a part of the solution. When we drive cleaner vehicles and drive them responsibly, we can fulfill our environmental responsibility as Utah Valley residents.

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Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Unparalleled Experience

You’ll only find the best, most knowledgeable mechanics at Master AutoTech Orem South.

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You get the best parts and materials when we work on your engine or exhaust system.

Top-Notch Service Bays

Our facilities have the latest in diagnostics and testing equipment, as well as the tools for repairs and upgrades.

Loyal Customers

Word-of-mouth from one customer to another is proof of our years of dedicated service to the community.

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