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As summer hits, many of us will be taking road trips and putting our troubles and worries in our rearview mirror. Because people are still nervous about air travel and social distancing, we anticipate many of these trips will be in the security of your own car. We want to promote your safety on the Utah roads and help you do everything to ensure a great trip! Here are four preventative car care tips to keep you on the road.

Tire Alignment

Folks don’t always think about tire alignment, but this is essential to making sure that your wheels and tires are performing their proper functions, as well as helping you save money because you’re getting better gas mileage. Keeping your tires aligned helps everything wear evenly on your vehicle. We can take care of your alignment needs.

Oil Change

You would be surprised by the number of people who don’t change their oil in a timely manner or who actually let their vehicle run out of oil. This simple maintenance will increase the life and longevity of your vehicle. Especially before you take your 1500-mile trip, get your oil changed. It will save you a world of trouble and money.

Brake Check

Brakes are kind of important, right? It’s good to be able to stop and avoid colliding with other vehicles, cyclists, and/or pedestrians. Come into our shop and let us check those brakes for you. We can make sure that your pads are working properly, but we can also replace them if needs be. Again, this is a simple and routine check that will save you a lot of heartaches.

Check Engine Light

When we see the check engine light, a slight panic often ensues. Our natural thought is, “What now?! And how much is this going to cost?” The truth is that this little light illuminates for a reason…a reason that something needs your attention. So do just that: give it the attention it needs. Take courage and follow up to find out why the check engine light is on. It’s much easier to fix and more convenient when you look at it immediately, versus waiting until it’s too late. For example, it’s common for the check engine light to turn on when it’s time for an oil change. A vehicle tells you how much life is left in the present oil change. If you choose to ignore it, eventually you’re going to run out of oil. Pretty simple concept, right? But if you change it when it comes on, then, you’re likely still in the green. You’re keeping your vehicle safe and running properly. Pay attention and address the check engine light.

We wish you the best in your summer travels. Stop by Master Muffler West Valley for all of your car needs. We are happy to inspect your vehicle, tune it up, and make sure that your car can get you to your summer vacation destination. We hope these tips are helpful and will keep your car safely on the road.


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