Is it that time a year again for safety and emissions testing? Many people get confused easily what year they are supposed to bring their car in for what. It can be confusing but in Utah the system is fairly simple.

Most people think that when you get your safety done you get your emissions done too. Most of the time that is correct but it can be different depending on the year of your vehicle. The year of your car is the deciding factor on when it needs to be checked out and inspected.

Here are the rules for safety inspections. Cars that are 9 years and older need to come in every year for safety inspections. If they are 8 years old and younger, they only need to be brought in every 2 years.

Emissions testing are only slightly different. If your car is 7 years or older it needs to be brought in every year for testing. If it 6 years and younger it only needs it every other year.

You should do everything you can to have safety and emissions done before the registration date is over. You’ll have to get a temporary registration if you go over so that you can drive and get your safety and emissions done. If you let it go over you can get a ticket for driving it around, and most shops wont work on your car.

Don’t be upset if your safety or emissions inspection comes back a negative, meaning you need to get some work done before it will pass. A lot of times it can be just little problems that need to be taken care of. It might seem stupid but every tiny little thing needs to be in working order for it to pass.

If you want to make sure that your car is going to pass, go the extra mile by constantly doing maintenance when needed, and really taking care of your car. Even if a light comes on get it checked out and don’t wait because your engine is trying to tell you something.

If this is your year to get your safety and emissions done, don’t put it off because you might forget. Take it to a trusted shop and be on top of things before your registration expires.

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