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The use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is becoming increasingly popular due to their positive impact on the environment, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. EVs operate by using stored electricity and are helpful in reducing emissions and fighting against climate change.

Using electricity instead of gasoline makes electric vehicles a cost-efficient option. It is also worth noting that charging your electric vehicle at home overnight eliminates the need for refueling at a gas station.

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EV repair is a new and burgeoning field. Bring your vehicle to Master AutoTech for a variety of issues specific to electric vehicles.

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Our certified technicians at Master AutoTech in Riverton, Utah specialize in electric vehicle systems and can take care of all your repair needs. You can rely on us for dependable repairs for your electric vehicle.

Trained and Certified Technicians

Our technicians have both the expertise and necessary equipment to provide maintenance and repair services for electric vehicles. They also keep themselves up-to-date with the latest advancements in EV technology, allowing them to effectively diagnose and solve complex issues.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Equipment

Our diagnostic equipment is designed exclusively for electric vehicles. As a result, our technicians can swiftly and precisely identify and solve any malfunctions with the EV’s electrical system, battery pack, motor, and other essential components.

High-Quality OEM Parts

We use genuine OEM parts of high quality to repair your electric vehicle, ensuring reliability and effectiveness. These parts meet the necessary quality and performance standards and are identical to the ones the original manufacturer used.

Approved Fluids and Lubricants

We use only recommended fluids and lubricants for your electric vehicle to ensure its peak performance and long lifespan according to its specific requirements.

Convenient Locations and Charging Infrastructure

You can recharge and service your electric vehicle in one place at our service centers which are located near charging stations for your convenience.

Competitive Pricing and Transparent Estimates

Our electric vehicle repair services are both high quality and affordable. We will give you a comprehensive cost estimate that includes all potential expenses, allowing you to make informed decisions about your repairs.

EV Electric Vehicle batteries

Our EV Repair Services

Diagnosing and troubleshooting battery issues: Our diagnostic equipment is advanced and can detect problems with battery performance such as low power or faulty cells.

Battery pack inspection and replacement: We have examined your electric vehicle’s battery pack and confirmed that it is working as intended. If there is a need to replace any components, we will use only top-quality parts produced by the original manufacturer.

Battery cell balancing and conditioning: We can improve the performance and longevity of the battery by balancing and conditioning individual cells. This will ensure that each cell is operating at peak efficiency

Motor performance diagnostics and troubleshooting: Our team is made up of experienced professionals who specialize in identifying and repairing various motor problems, including unusual noises, overheating, and reduced power. They leverage their knowledge to diagnose issues accurately and offer appropriate remedies.

Motor controller repair and calibration: Consider upgrading or repairing the motor controller to improve the speed and energy efficiency of the motor. The motor controller is responsible for regulating the power and speed of the motor.

Motor bearing replacement and lubrication: For better motor performance and a longer lifespan, it is advised to change the old bearings and use a suitable lubricant.

EV charger inspection and repair: Our goal is to conduct a comprehensive examination of your electric vehicle’s charging system, detecting and resolving any existing or potential problems to enhance its performance and ensure accurate operation.

Charging port repair and replacement: We suggest repairing or replacing a damaged or loosely connected charging port if you’re having charging problems with your device. This will fix the problem and allow your device to charge properly.

Charging cable and connector repair: Our primary objective is to resolve issues related to charging devices by repairing or replacing their charging cables and connectors. Our focus is on achieving optimal and effective power transfer while charging.

Regenerative braking system diagnostics and repair: Our goal is to improve the efficiency of regenerative braking systems by detecting and resolving any problems that could affect their ability to brake effectively or recover energy.

Brake pad replacement: We suggest you replace worn brake pads on your electric vehicle with high-quality replacements that the manufacturer approves. This will help ensure that the braking system is reliable and secure.

Brake fluid flush and replacement: Replacing the brake fluid can enhance the effectiveness of the brakes by increasing hydraulic pressure, resulting in improved brake system performance and reliability.

Updating vehicle software and firmware: For better performance and new features in your electric vehicle, we recommend installing the latest software and firmware updates provided by the manufacturer.

Diagnosing and resolving software-related issues: We can assist you in recognizing and fixing any software-related problems with your electric vehicle, resulting in improved vehicle performance and dependability, thanks to our team of specialists

Tire rotation and alignment: By using our tire rotation and alignment services, you can improve your car’s handling and grip on the road, and make your tires last longer.

Cooling system inspection and maintenance: In order to prevent your electric car from overheating and to enhance its performance, we will perform a maintenance inspection on its cooling system, covering the radiator, fans, and coolant.

Suspension and steering component checks: We offer inspection and maintenance services for the suspension and steering components of your car, which can improve your car’s ride quality, stability, and handling.

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